Movie Review – Citizen Kane

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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What a wonderful emotion it is to watch the movie that you once totally didn’t get, and now you love it like anything. I’ve put forward the question of what if the movie is beautifully made, if it doesn’t evoke any emotion, isn’t it a failure? Citizen Kane was so beautiful that it became a drug and made me feel that I’m devoid of any emotion when it comes to film. And I’m a person who shows emotion only while watching films and not when sending off friend to another town in railway station.


The best part about Citizen Kane is its black and white. And it’s a kind of black and white which you’d appreciate in color era more than black and white era. It’s like going to the next stage of video games and loving the stage before. Once you come out of curiosity you’d know which one is best.

I could hardly remember about the story of the film and don’t even feel like analyzing it but scene by scene, shot by shot the way lighting was used, the way the characters don’t interpose at all and form such beautiful triangles, it’s so pleasing that you’d miss the main course just to smell the starters from your seat. And see how every scene surprises you, whenever there is a zoom out, in each corner a character enters, then the next one enters and nothing would be all of a sudden, it wouldn’t jerk you out like a horror film, they come in so smoothly like the early morning sunrays out the window which enters your room when you move the curtain.

And lights, oh boy, for the initial scene you don’t see the face of anyone when the conversation goes on, the talk is about Mr. Kane so only Kane’s photo will be lit up on screen and rest all you hear is their ‘talk’, they are dark heads with voices which narrate the story, the hero is there on screen but.

I don’t know how Orson Wells being so young could pull off a film like this where everything worked. This must have been termed as an ambitious film like Jigarthanda, taking no credit away from the film but it turned out to be a perfect film. When your ambition strikes perfection its epic.

I felt Mani Ratnam’s Guru for most part was inspired by this film even though the climax was lifter from The Aviator. Guru looked be a cheaper fanboy insolent version of Citizen Kane. Even though it marks as one of the best films of Abhishek both for acting and film making it still falls so short of what it must have been. Maniratnam so badly tries for shades of grey and fails every time. Take Ravanan, Kadal too as an example. A large number of situations reminded me of Guru while watching Citizen Kane but one scene where I got completely sure was the one where he gets the print media and answers the manager. There is a similar scene in Guru where he invests all his money in business. I did love Guru as a matter of fact in spite of it being badly made. It was entertaining.

Thanks to my friend who introduced this as one of the very first movies that I had watched. It was among the first five films I had watched. Others being 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pulp Fiction etc. Everything was a disaster then. That’s why it took me such a long time to revisit them again. Hopefully Space Odyssey sometime real soon.


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