Movie Review – Breathless

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Breathless’ editing made me gasp for breath as expected but as expected it didn’t give me the feel that 400 blows gave. Even before watching the movie I was sure that Truffaut would be my man, rather than Godard. I could never get a film which woos you by its making rather than being human. With Breathless that’s what happened. But I sure am going to learn a lot.


At the time of release this film was a huge revelation. It feels so good to know about it. An experimental film working well at box office is a very good sign. See from where to where the French film industry has developed. Thanks to the viewership, now more people would like to throw in interesting stuff without the fear of failing.

After having conversation with a number of people outside India, to an extent I could understand how movies are treated elsewhere. From almost everywhere outside India, making movies is just another profession. You don’t treat a good filmmaker like a god or bash him if he fails in it. It’s ok if you don’t know about films like how it’s ok if you don’t consume alcohol. People who make movies don’t have the pressure of a billion people waiting to scrutinize you. They enjoy success and failure but they would remain like a normal human being. With such peace of mind you tend to give a better product. That’s why films like Breathless could be made and also be such a huge hit. Thanks to the country which is more open and receptive.

I’ll be honest in telling that I didn’t understand anything about the film. Reading few theories and reviews would make me understand the film. May be by the time you read the review I’d have known much more things about the film but I wanted to put up my thoughts on what I felt.


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