Why ‘Thalli Pogathae’ must be banned!

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Here is why ARR, GVM and STR (banned) must be banned and ‘thalli pogathe’ must be made a cuss word because it’s not just awesome but orgasm.

All these years if you take Tamil songs, the song name in album always starts with the first line of the song. In the same way this song must have been named as ‘Aeno Vaanilai Maaruthey’. But it rather is named as ‘Thalli Pogathae’. That’s the first mistake. The only album I distinctly remember to have used this English pop album type of naming songs was, Boys. For example ‘girlfriend’ songs starting line is ‘pal polae’. But it’s named as ‘girlfriend’. And when we wait and wait to hear the magical words, Thamarai tortures us by extending it for a long time. It’s torturous than the torture that she describes, “Nagarum Nodigal, Kasaiyadi Pole, Muthugin Mele Vizhuvathinale, Vari Vari Kavithai.” Its nothing but delaying the ecstasy which finally breaks into ‘Thalli Pogathae’ after the next verse.

The second mistake is, when u feel sad you listen to certain songs, when you are angry you listen to certain songs but you can’t make a song which would make you want to fail in love more than to fall in love.

GVM, no one has made so many clichéd movies with even more cliched dialogues and still made people to fall for the ladies in the movies in film. It all started with VTV. I never liked Kakka Kakka or Jothika in the film, it was superficial and Jothika was dubbed by someone really bad. And when I watched VTV I was in my best phase of life, thus too happy. I was so happy that even Hosanna didn’t excite me. It took me a while to like ‘apdi vanthu adikanum antha kadhal’ and only until recent times to like, ‘nan angae irukanum,’ and a reference about their age, then guitar strums, I died. In my after death came NEP trailer, Samantha wears a sleeveless yellow kurthi, has a nose piercing and sings ‘neethanae en ponvasantham’ with mistake and Jeeva corrects and replies with one word, ‘ilayaraja’. Samantha says, ” naan gaali”. That’s when I too got gaali. After all these years comes this song, bikes, road, beautiful girl, simbu comes out from from the side of the wall. Is there a bigger emotion than ‘gaali’

For ARR this song could go down as epic song of the decade. Post ‘Sadda Haq’ I wasn’t crazy about any song like this. Otherwise how would I have repeated the same verse again and again to the utter dismay of my audience?

When talking about ARR we should talk about Sid sriram and Thamarai too. There is something about him. When he says ‘paraka pazakuriyae’ in adiyae, you lose the gravitational force below your leg, when he says, ‘ennodu ne irunthal’ you already know the story of how ‘if she had been there’ in a way better than anything. But here he exceeds all humane emotions when he utters the last line of second stanza, ‘thalliiii pogathey’ there is a lot of stress on ‘I’ and it kills you.

Thamarai says she is tired of writing romantic songs but she is the one who wrote, “thirudan pol pathungiyae thidir endru pinal irunthu enai ne anaipayae athu kavithai”. Men can write lyrics but she is the one who makes everyday instance a lyric.

During all these years when men struggle to find the emotion of women, how can she, how can she commit the biggest mistake by writing an exact emotion of a possessive male, “thali pogathae, ennaiyum, thalli poga solathae’


  1. Venkat ( blr) says:

    True. Actually such songs are like walking on a tight rope. either you like it or dislike it. ARR the genius has all the guts to do such crazy experiments. In recent interview in Hindu, he said, ‘i am getting old i am becoming fearless and try to do something more’

    • Vikram M N says:

      True… It’s his third transformation i guess. Second happened during ‘Boys’ time which i liked. But this one, i’m afraid that he’s getting into sounding more than melodies.

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