Book Review – Dreamcatcher

Posted: December 20, 2015 in Book Reviews
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Dreamcatcher had been lying in my shelf for a pretty long time and I thought it’d continue to lie there in comatose forever. But thanks to the rain. A lot has changed. A lot. Apart from my personal disbeliefs here is me now after the last book of the year. Thanks to my copy of Lord Jim getting wet, which was supposed to be my last book of the year. But I think there will be lot more inspiration to read a heavy novel like Lord Jim, first up in the year.


Stephen King, the name being too familiar and the colors on the cover being too colory I couldn’t respect the book as much as color peeled off penguin classics. A classic story of a person who first steps into literature. But after the book I got an all new respect for Stephen King.

Whatever I know of King is from the movies of which his books were made into and accompanying my friend when he used to shop in Landmark. Both didn’t make me have a great respect for him. But after reading Dreamcatcher I’m sure that no one couldn’t have written a horror pulp fiction so good. I even feel guilty for calling this book a pulp fiction. I think we shouldn’t call all page turners a pulp fiction, it’d mean even The Catcher in the Rye and The Little Princess as pulp fiction which definitely are not. But you know what I mean, don’t you?

It was good to read an American writer who is American and 20th century. Dreamcatcher is not a Shining. Even if Shining is a horror movie you can’t really categorize it as a horror movie. Shining is art first and horror next whereas Dreamcatcher is horror first, next and every single time. It makes you stay up late, it makes you wanna finish fast, it makes you turn the pages and it makes you skip the lines with the restlessness to complete. What more you want of a book like this. Add to it being so honest and from the heart.

Honesty could very well be attributed to the fact that Stephen King was in such pain while he wrote the book. We could feel the pain of Jonesy’s hip and Duddits’ head. Everyone who exhibit pain induce pain in us too. Mark of a writer!

Stephen’s King take on environment and ethics too is quite heartwarming. The way he deals with water and especially a special childlike Duddits, saying all mothers of special children have special powers were awesome. And look easily he puts a line which takes a dig at the way we manage our lifestyle by using Mr. Grey to say about Jonsey, “how disrespectful he has taken care of his body, no exercise, no diet etc.”

Stephen Kings one more plus point is how cleverly uses the gross detailing like belching and farting to his advantage. Towards the climax we don’t even mentally make a face while reading it, we rather feel painful when there is a mention of belch or fart. Not easy to make people fall for it I say.

The things that the Shit Weasels or Byrus or Grey people do, look similar to the fifth dimension of Nolan’s Interstellar and its fun. These are the things you don’t scrutinize and find mistakes but just enjoy the flow. I’d reiterate again. King is no normal writer.


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