Movie Review – Y Tu Mamá También

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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‘Y Tu Mamá También’s’ English title makes me immediately laugh. It would make you laugh too, for the title is ‘And Your Mother Too’.

y tu-mama-tambien-screenshot

Reiterating what I’ve said like a million times before, knowing nothing about the movie and watching a movie is always fun. In addition to this, it was a pleasant surprise when it ended up being a road movie with lot of adultery.

I could almost say that this is my favorite road movie yet. There could be some road movies better than this but at the top of my mind I’m not able to think of any. I don’t want to scrutinize and pick up one just for the sake of it. Why ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ works better than most of the road movies is because it doesn’t take ‘Road’ in a literal sense like other movies. In fact I guess there is not a single long shot of road or car or anything associated with transport.

The impromptuness associated with the road movie was perfect in the movie. Consider ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ here. Keeping aside all the technicalities I of course liked the film. Being a coming of age movie it was pleasing to watch. But when they bond together and make the road trip fun, the disorganization is so carefully organized that it doesn’t look like disorganized at all. But here it’s disorganized and that’s that!

Gael Garcia as Julio was a live wire. After seeing him in a lot of serious movies it was a treat to watch him as a carefree youngster. Few people when you see on screen, just their smile took takes your breath away. You feel as if they are really smiling at you, wanting to make you feel happy. Not even for a second they make you think that they have another original personality. And they are not people like Daniel Day Lewis or Vikram, who try so hard to make it look different but people like Gael Garcia, who come and live their role. Such a wonderful artist.

Diego Luna as Tenoch too was very good as a carefree youngster but with Julio around he couldn’t score. His dumbness worked in his favor. But when both Julio tells about him having sex with his girlfriend or when Tenoch tells about the same I could support only Julio and not Tenoch. That’s what is Gael Garcia’s impact.

Best thing about the movie is its narration and the voice over of things that are totally unnecessary for the movie. For example, how the Julio got the car that his sister would use the next week to go to trip somewhere. These things gives the film that nice carefree flavor.

Apart from narration, the way the political and economic issues of Mexico dealt in a careless nonchalance was brilliant. There were many a time that I thought something violent would happen and the movie would take a turn but luckily it didn’t happen for me. Those tension arises only for us. They live in their carefree world always.

The tension too was brilliant because it reminded me of the roadblocks I face when I travel alone. Those things scare me even now when I tell them to my friends. Even though they take that fear as an experience and look in awe of other things that I had done in the rest of the trip, it still gives me scares.

Like travel this film too gives us great memories and makes us feel bad during the climax when the narrator says they are never going to meet again. It’s like the final day of the train journey where we know that we can’t be hippies but want to. When reality bites, it bites hard.



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