Movie Review – Trisha Illana Nayanthara

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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In the movie description of the Wikipedia it reads, a Tamil Adult Comedy film. It was such a relief to see that written in the very first line and a big ‘A’ written in red and rounded at the bottom of the poster instead of getting U certificate for film like Boys, Kandaswamy etc.

Manisha Yadav, GV Prakash Kumar in Trisha Illana Nayanthara New Stills

Manisha Yadav, GV Prakash Kumar in Trisha Illana Nayanthara New Stills

I should have watched this film in theatres. It’d have been a whole lot of fun. The bloopers at the end were proof enough how much fun the shooting would have been. Poor virgin guy G. V. Prakash, seemed to be butt of all jokes throughout.

People consider it easy to make a movie like this easily, but see the difference between the original American Pie series and the one that followed it. You could see marked difference. If Adhik had been given license like that he could have done even better or maybe not. The way he cleverly used chauvinism and guy bitching to his advantage was commendable. But he’s no ordinary film maker. Look at the scene where Ramya (Anandhi) angrily comes to guys’ restroom to scold Jeeva (G.V. Prakash Kumar). We see a top angle shot of all the guys in the restroom kissing Jeeva’s hand like a don. Such an epic scene that.

  1. V. is a great choice for the film. His timidity also adds a lot of flavor to the character because every guy in the theatre would be able to identify with him. The opening shot even though practically doesn’t look like a train toilet but the way he uses the scene by using rainwater to mix was awesome.

Manisha Yadav’s addition to movie helps only in glamour quotient, not as much as her grandmother though. If you know what I mean. The alcohol scenes hardly work but I’m sure it’d have got enough applause in the theatre. The scenes preceding to it where she says she didn’t wake up because she didn’t want a drunk man near him was a good built up. When GV looks at his hand and utters that dialogue it was hilarious.

But the depth which Ramya’s story had was missing in Aditi’s story, I guess the director was way too carried on with emotion. When Ramya gives him liquor and GV asks for side dish she shows her cheek. HOT! The only scene where it works for Aditi is the scene where Aditi says, “I love you” for the first time and the song ‘muthan kodutha mayakari’ of which the detailing was brilliant, did anyone notice that ‘kadai’ in ‘sarayakadai’ was written upside down. Otherwise it was plain bland and skimpy. Well… it was just for words. I didn’t feel anything like that while watching the movie.

There were many who called the film plain crass citing examples of the milk scene, alcohol scene etc. I’m not saying it crass, the milk packet scene was terrific, but even if it comes under the crass category, why would a director invest so much time in making a setting for Simran like that. The beer story was simply out of the world, the sets which didn’t need to be done was done so perfectly and add to that the background music for her was well… beautiful.

Adhik Ravichandran looks to be some talent. If given confidence I’m sure he’d come up with a great second film which I’m eagerly awaiting.

P.S: Please read the Wikipedia plot. It’s outright hilarious. Now you know what the fan base of the film is.


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