Movie Review – Spectre

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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For some strange reason I was super excited about Spectre. It so happened that IMAX after force acquisition by Jazz Cinemas opened that weekend. So needless to say I was super excited to watch Spectre on ‘Big’ Screen.


The day started pretty badly even before entering IMAX. But the disappointment didn’t cease there. The first glimpse of IMAX wasn’t anything like I expected. It was so underwhelming that it disappointed us even before the film started. The final disappointment was when James Bond was converted to Sanskari Bond by our Censor board.

Apart from all these the movie fared to be quite ordinary. It had a great opening with a tracking shot going through the Mexican crowd and finally ending up with James Bond and continues its tracking followed by a brilliant helicopter action sequence. When the helicopter twists, turns and flips in the air it makes you feel as if you are in a roller coaster ride. I was getting a feeling that after all the disappointments I was finally getting my money’s worth.

But immediately after this the title song played a spoil sport but the visuals were decent. Post that nothing happened on the screen were coherent. It was hard to find what the story, storytelling, plot was. It kept me thinking till the film ended. And I’m still thinking.

I wasn’t expecting anything like Casino Royale but it could have been at least to an extent of Skyfall. The scene were Javier Berdam walks towards the Bond was epic. With Christopher Waltz being villain I was expecting something better than that but it was disheartening to see Sam Mendes trusting two pins than Waltz to deliver the speech, in spite of that ait was fun when Bond says, “anything is better than to hear you speak.” That should have been an epic scene but got spoilt because of the gadgets.

With a terrific support cast like this, the dialogues could have been a lot better and character sketch should have been definitely better. Except for Lea Seydoux I couldn’t find any charming person in the whole movie. She scores in two scenes especially. The obvious train scene where she walks like that, severely reminding me of some person who made my heart skip a beat the previous day. But the scene where she says ‘goodbye’ to Bond was done in a beautiful way which only she could have done. I’m sure she’s going to get better and better. Even though it was a short role she scored in Ghost Protocol as well.

The biggest problem of Spectre was how bad the Bond Template was used. Now tell me, how many of you remember when he says the dialogues, “Bond, James Bond” and “Shaken, not stirred”. Even if you remember do you remember having it any impact on you? Compare the same with Casino Royale as well as Skyfall. Those scenes were very well made there.

On top of it, Daniel Craig looked so tired and uninterested here. It was only after Daniel Craig entered the movie I got interested in Bond movies because, before it was only a gadgeted version of WWF. For some reason I feel bad or him. Let’s see what’s there in store for him in the next film. Hope he comes back with vengeance.

Wow. Vengeance! Looks like a good title for next Bond film.


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