Movie Review – Mundasupatti

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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It would have been a superb short film if it had been kept that way because the concept looks so feeble. It was the same with Pannayarum Padminiyum when you think about the concept but extraordinary acting and great storytelling took the boat to safety. That’s what lacked in Mundasupatti.


The film opens in a curious way but it almost gives out the climax. In spite of it, for a second, the climax had a moment of tension when Gopi (Vishnu) turns back to the villagers and opens his camera. Acting wise the lead pair didn’t have much to do. Vishnu, who is generally said to be an actor who is underrated, whom I find him to be pretty average with his expressions didn’t impress me here too. Nandita as Kalaivani did fit the role, thanks to her innocence and naivety.

Because of Subramaniapuram, any period film which has come after it looks very weak. And guess which scene was the best one in the film. The scene where they take the stone, turn back and pose in front of the house. I was almost expecting Subramaniapuram theme there. How epic it’d have been.

Even though the whole film looked like an extension of short film with branches here and there, it still had some great scenes like the one where the undertaker refuses to take the Stone to the village citing that they’d not allow him because he’s of lower caste. That scene doesn’t preach us but silently takes a dig at the society like how the whole film is about all false beliefs.

The film appeals because of the directors sincere efforts. Every character even though looked like an extension of short film were etched carefully. It was like taking a short film, thinking about background story of every person who appears in the film and involving the best stories of it. It’d be great if everyone writes their films like that right from the word go.


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