Movie Review – Memories

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Memories would be a great movie if you go in without any expectations. Taking nothing away from the film, if you are regular movie watcher you couldn’t help but criticize the movie for its clichés.


The clichés include a regular female reporter who’d assist the hero, that one family song which couldn’t be avoided for god knows what reason, the way villain is not shown till the climax, Prithiviraj going to church, working out, alcohol, family members gruesome death etc. Heights was the password scene. Also we don’t get to see the clues on chest clearly. It must be shown to us and camouflaged, not hidden. But it’d not be a big deal for people who go in for entertainment and entertainment alone.

Music too I thought could have been a lot better but I’m getting to accept the style of Malayalam film with minimal music, the point is, even if minimal they could do a lot better, it doesn’t look like its minimal but something which the music director doesn’t have enough clue of.

The pace of the movie too remains the same, slowly building up in the first half and second half racing like anything, especially with thrillers. Not that I complain because there are lot of movies which doesn’t involve anything but songs and scenes which are totally not correlating.

Prithiviraj as usual rocks.  He is police again and a drunkard again but with a difference. Don’t know how this guy could nail every role he does. Salute!

Few of the clues and examples were guessable but after the Robert Langdon, Sherlock Holmes era it’s very tough to make thrillers but this is a decent one which would keep you guessing. Jeethu Joseph had to be appreciated for his honest attempt.



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