Movie Review – Manjadikuru

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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If you see a sad movie, better get out of the environment soon. And if you are a person who takes movies personally you ought to do that. Otherwise you end up writing a big boring review like that of Ankhon Dekhi. But sadness was not the only emotion for Ankhon Dekhi.


Like one Prashanth says to other in beach (which at that time was considered spellbinding graphics), “did you think I’d have committed suicide, I have passed that stage, you see people crying in theatres and coming out of it wiping their tears, that’s how life is.” I guess I’m in that stage now. The initial stage of detachment. May be it’ll be short lived but that’s how it is, as of now. I should soon get back and become ambitious again. When you get out of the environment you’ll lose that feeling. That’s the best thing about watching in theatres where the surroundings will be dark, you are free to cry and wipe your tears before someone sees you. Beautiful isn’t it!

Manjadikuru, when I read the English title and got to know that it meant Lucky Red Seeds I understood that the film is going to a no nonsense one. Otherwise you don’t keep a title which wouldn’t make people look up to you. Prithiviraj says in the climax, that he doesn’t know why but every kid collects this seed. As a person who was brought up in Chennai, even I did when I visited villages during child hood and stored in a medical box of my grandfather. So needless to say this film touched me.

The opening few minutes of the film looked similar to Saivam but as I haven’t watched Saivam it wasn’t a big deal but still when I felt that Saivam could have been a remake I felt bad but luckily to me it wasn’t. We see the film through Vicky, a bespectacled kid from Dubai with voice over from Prithviraj. Prithviraj proves that he doesn’t need physical presence to act. Just his voice is enough. Post Amitabh Bachan and De Niro, this is the powerful voice which I have heard yet.

The film really takes off in the second half. What Anjali Menon achieves in this is film is bringing the naivety without being cheesy. As it involves kids it’s even tougher because it could easily become a children’s film. This is the thing which doesn’t happen with Tamil dramas where it would be tear jerkers just for no reason. Even though movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Vanathaipola etc. still has its moments it definitely lacks the maturity level of Manjadikuru. That’s why, this film will work even if you watch ten years later.

We know what’s going to happen in the climax but that lingering hope towards the pre climax was what Menon’s success. People when they are not in broad day light and not surrounded by everyone around are nice. Like they say, “kids are wolves in pack and doll when alone.” Well no one ever said that but deal with it. Wont you. That penultimate sad song shows that beautifully but above all the final gesture of love by Rahman is what I loved more. One could be kind only when others close their eyes, it’s like saying sorry to your parents or saying thank you to your friends. It’s very tough.

In this you could see glimpse of Bangalore Days style, how Anjali Menon loves people and how she likes to weave stories around them but this film has much more heart than Bangalore Days.

The director’s touch was visible in Vicky’s hallucination as well as how the camera pans from one kid to other during the first song. The train scene where Roja joins them for game without the other people knowing was brilliant.


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