Book Review – Swami and Friends

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Book Reviews
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Boy, he can write, cant he. Every time I read a R K Narayan novel I want to exhaust him. You always feel incomplete when you finish his novel. It was the same with Swami and Friends too. But I read a novel he’s is known for, much later than the other lesser known novels of his.

swami and friends

After reading The Guide and The English Teacher, my respect for him knew no bounds. There were moments in Swami and Friends too but it didn’t sweep me off my feet like the other two novels of his did. I must say I was quite underwhelmed.

I thought it could have been less literal. Instead of telling that swami thought like this and that, he could have directly gone on to say that he saw demons, someone choke him. It’d have had more purpose and the naivity you’d associate with a ten year old.

But taking nothing away from the book because there were enough moments about 10 year olds, their thinking, their friendship and their reactions. It gives us a satisfying feeling but I wanted to be overwhelmed with it which didn’t happen.


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