Book Review – A Little Princess

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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What a profound joy it was to read The Little Princess. It would have been a lot better if my first review which was written in bus had been intact. Sadly it got formatted.

a little-princess

The Little Princess right away gets to become the second best book that I’ve read. It can’t replace Catcher in the Rye of course but it’s not like Catcher in the Rye where one becomes possessive and keeps it to himself. The Little Princess’ joy manifolds by sharing and as I have a friend who immediately latches on to such request it’s even better for me.

I’ve always liked novels which deal with children. People don’t understand how complicated their life is. It’s very tough to look the world from their point of view. The outer picture we see is all glossy but that’s not what they really are made of. It’s much more complicated than that. But see what a good child Sara is. I’ve always adored girl children. Only the boys are little devils. Sara wonderfully good.

The book starts with the chapter named Sara, followed by Ermengarde, followed by Lottie. See how beautiful the chapter names are titled. It’s a book about a young kid. To make it look profound a lot of bombastic titles could have been used but it wasn’t, in a way I named my novel, sadly many didn’t get what it actually meant.

It’s a hattrick of novels that I read of women writers and look what gems it were. When I initially saw the name  Frances Hodgson Burnett on the cover I thought it to be a tough nut to crack, well… what else would you think reading a name like Burnett, but what pleasure it ended up to be reading The Little Princess.

It was not a great day when wrote my first review but this book changed my mood completely.Of all the things the best thing to have happened out of this novel is that it gave confidence to publish my next novel.


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