Movie Review – Aval Appadithan

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Aval:  Entha Ponna Pathalum oru kelvi kepingalae, athu unga wife kita ketacha.

Aval: Ok naan kekuraen.

Aval: Enga, what do you think about women’s liberation?

Avan: Pombalainga suthanthiratha pathi nee ena nenaikiraenu kekuranga.

Veroruval: Athu pathi enaku onum theriyathu.

Aval: Romba safe answer.

Aval: Athan neenga santhosama irukinga.

Aval Appadithan

It’s stupid to write anything beyond that for the movie but stupid is as stupid does isn’t it.

aval appadithan

It was raining for the past one week and wreaking havoc and as normalcy is getting restored I was getting very irritated and restless, walking in the running water to the next destination was less scary than preparing to sleep on Sunday night to be woken up for a 5.55 alarm the next day. Normalcy is the most dreaded thing.

If I say this, people would comment, “only if something happens to your family you’d know.” May be only then I will. But I’m at least happy that I have one person to talk about this and a group who’d listen to me. Think of poor people who are confused and can’t even exhibit, how bad it is. Aval Appadithan is a kind of movie which would make you say things that you had not said in public so far, that’s the confidence it gives, to raise your middle finger without any distress.

Till the point where Sripriya gets hyper, trying to wade of Kamal and kisses him in toilet I thought I could have made this film. It was similar to a short film concept which I have, which would end up being my best short film. But post the bathroom kiss scene Rudriyah was able to get me into his world. I could finally feel bad for Sripriya.

How lovely it would be to watch this film with a woman and who wouldn’t say, “pathiya, ipoyavathu pona irukurathu evalo kastam nu theriyutha.” I don’t know whether this film was about feminism or not but this film talks about a female better than any film which any female director has made. Someone said, “men are the best feminists.” Women’s feminist film would look more like a hoarding written up with menstrual blood, exhibiting more physical pain but less emotion.

The fact that I felt bad about Sripriya was not because of her flashback but because of her future. When she stands alone in beach road in the climax with an expression which I am not able to describe, I could only feel bad about her. If she gets married and has a daughter, wouldn’t she talk in the same way Sripriya talked about her mother. When she started narrating the story to Kamal about her mother, I thought, is it not her independence after all. But only after the confrontation with her husband after she returns from ‘temple’ I could get a clearer picture. Sons and daughters of such parents are lucky people, they have so much art in them.

Kamal was pathetic, I have not felt so bad about him ever. I don’t think even for Mahanadi I’ll feel worse about him. There isn’t much to talk about Kamal, other than to say that he hasn’t acted in the film.

Rajni on the other hand was terrific, the only human element in the film. Especially the pre climax scene after reading a joke where he says to Sripriya about how he behaved like a normal man and how she behaved like a proper woman. That is just the honest opinion of an everyday dishonest man. Everytime Rajni appears, he appears with a flash of fire from his matchbox to light his cigarette. He talks about women, cigarette, prostitution and couldn’t be a better prejudiced ass than Kamal describes. Rajni’s foolishness was such a pity to watch. Poor guy, he doesn’t even know that he’s a loser. And of all the films this was the only film their friendship looked so true. Look how effortlessly he makes a film about Sripriya with Rajni and Kamal in the lead. Beauty!

The lighting was so severe, where I could hardly look anything. Not sure whether it was because of the print or it was made that way. It was like watching those Avant grade Luis Buñuel movies like Nazarín, Un Chien Andalou. Editing wise I was disappointed, it didn’t look experimental but looked amateurish. Camera handling was done in a different way, with a lot of emphasis on long takes and close ups, again giving the feeling of abstractness.

Aval Appadithan doesn’t definitely get on top of my all-time favorite list and neither will I watch it again for sure but it would always remain as a film that I’d protect without giving to anyone else and be proud off while talking about it.



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