Movie Review – Thoonga Vanam

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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One of the fellow reviewers stated the movie to be like a 7.5 rated Hollywood entertainer which entertains you in theatre and has nothing to learn after coming out of the movie. That would be a fitting summary for Thoongaa Vanam.

thoonga vanam

In spite of all the hurdles Kamal manages to release his third movie of the year. Something for the younger generation to learn but except for Uttama Villain, the other two movies didn’t look to be personal. Papanasam could have been even better left without being made. Even though it’s the biggest hit of him this year.

Kamal has this habit of making time pass comedy movies in the midst of his ambitious projects. Both Papanasam and Thoonga Vanam looked like his time pass movies, only that those weren’t comedies. Thoonga vanam’s initial talks and poster left me hooked but as soon as it was said that it was a remake of a French movie I lost interest but anyhow watched the movie, for a bad Kamal movie would have more things to learn than a hit movie of other heroes.

But this last line of the last paragraph is the problem with Kamal movies. When you go to his movies you want to learn something. Learning here isn’t as bad a word for like how it is to an average school going kid. Even though it gives a sense of creepy feeling and makes me type it slow as if I don’t want to misspell and be corrected by auto direct, it still is the word that I want to use, the word which has to be used.

Thoonga Vanam as expected didn’t have a great opening and the audience in Madurai were too subdued for such a film. It was as if the people were so conscious not to shout, like a newlywed bride entering into her in laws house who very carefully thinks whether to laugh or not when a joke gets cracked.

Movie as such wasn’t an edge of a seat thriller like a Hollywood 7 pointer. But it wasn’t as bad as to be complained as boring. When thinking I couldn’t comprehend about how someone would be feeling when being in such a situation. It’s not that you always would be in the chase. You need to take a break for having that lime soda, loo, listen to music, get beating and give beatings. This is where Gibran scores big time with music but more than Gibran I’d appreciate the sound engineer for cleverly handling the sounds when needed and when not. Especially the no sound inside restrooms, slow sounds on top of it and loud sound when entering the disc were superbly handled along with the brilliant set.

When there was news about the films set being constructed in ECR, opposite to VGP, I happened to have a view of the set from the road. As I wasn’t aware of the news of the set being constructed I was excited about a new pub being opened in my locality but the joy was short lived. Once I got to know about the sets I was like, why one would spend so much to construct a set when a lot of night clubs are available readily but only after watching the movie I was able to understand that the whole movie happens inside the night club. Eye for details, being a Kamal movie was amazing. Especially loved the sound absorber and wires on top of bathroom roof.

Even though I want to watch a Kamal film which doesn’t involve only Kamal but the fan inside me always wants to watch Kamal and Kamalism in films. So I liked the TV scene where a producer talks about how a film gets postponed and the opening scene where he talks about how a translation of ‘shit’ would look bad in Tamil but both these scenes were unnecessary and forced in the movie. As a critique I hate them now. But his trademark kiss being used in an important juncture of the film was the Kamalism in the movie that I loved. In fact that’s my favorite scene in the film.

Be it his Uttama Villain or Thoonga Vanam, the kids who acted as his sons were brilliant. Apart from that, Kamal seem to be badly missing a son who could carry on his legacy. Shruthi, are you listening?

Or is he already thinking of his retirement, is he saving all his money and time to make one epic movie (may be Maruthanayagam) and retire? I say this because when I watch Kamal in films I could only see sadness in his film. He doesn’t celebrate sadness like Woody Allen does so it’s disheartening to see him like that.


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