Movie Review – The Age of Innocence

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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How did I miss it? How the hell did I miss it? It’s not the setting, it’s not the period, it’s the not the protagonist, it’s not the satire that would have stoked the curiosity of Mr. Scorsese to adapt the book into a movie. It’s the voice over. It’s the bloody voice over damn it. It happens throughout the book but it happens almost in all third person book. May be that’s why I missed it. No one can use voice over in a nonliteral sense like Scorsese does. This time for a change it was not by a man and didn’t involve violence but for a change, by a female who is also the author. Needless to say, it was brilliant!

the age of innocence.jpg

You see the scene where Newland Archer (Daniel Day Lewis) keeps looking at Mary (Winona Ryder) with a voiceover of “how she may die…” but actually how he thinks of killing her. He goes close to her and keeps his hand on her neck. That’s when you get to see the glimpse of Daniel Day Lewis that we know. This one and the old Newland Archer one. Rest of the time its only Newland Archer we could see.

I could understand as to why The Age of Innocence isn’t celebrated as much of Scorsese’s movies because it’s so classy that we couldn’t single out which factor stands out. Like how Money ball is to Brad Pitt. Too subtle and simple to be called a great movie.

It’s not every time you see someone overtaking Daniel Day Lewis in acting but here Ellen Olenska (Michelle Pfeiffer) does, and like how. There are lot of things like color correction, framing, music which could be done by director to make audience get the feel subconsciously but Michelle Pfeiffer’s acting here is not the one, one would appreciate right through by seeing it but it’ll work in subconscious level, even without you knowing it. That’s the effect Michelle Pfeiffer has on the audience.

It was beautiful to see subtle emotions from all actors. Mainly May who was confused and unclear as to what she was expecting, who leaves us thinking whether we should pity her or hate her. These three characters pretty much make up the movie.

It was good to watch an American period after being so used to British period flicks.

  1. Paul S says:

    The Age of Innocence is one of the great movies of the 90’s. It’s sumptuous, and the emotion just drips from the actor’s faces, while revealing so very little in their words and actions.
    It’s also one of the last great Pfeiffer performances, her last major award nomination and the end of her decade as Hollywood’s go-to actress.

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