Movie Review – A Clockwork Orange

Posted: November 7, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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For people who don’t like violence and sex and sleaze in movies or have a pseudo nonviolent mentality, this movie would move you. It’d have been a wonder only if I had not liked the movie. I’m bound to like this movie. And I liked it, like how?

a clockwork orange

One look at Malcom Mcdowell and it’s a rage of your inner self, what you’ll be if you’d be in a dystopian era, on screen. Every time he gets up to rape the bitches and kick some ass I was like, “go get them you cow boy.” In Kubrick films mostly you start appreciating the setting, the order, the nuances etc and won’t get the feeling of the film. Even if you get you’ll be like, “this is how horror should be, this is how drama should be” but you won’t really get the personalized feeling. Only that generic master class horror or drama feeling is what you get where you’ll be part of it, but not your own. But A Clockwork Orange is a celebration, by a pure sadistic part of me. Wow, how easily he makes me to confess. Kubrick also brings the best of me while writing. My largely misunderstood review of Barry Lyndon is one of my best reviews of his movies.

I’ve always wanted to make an ultra-violent movie, highly erotic and cunning. People should hate the movie for the content but shouldn’t be able to write it off. What they would not watch with family and watch alone, getting that guilty pleasure, not able to hate the movie, not able to make that kind of movie. It’d be pleasure.

The feeling that the film would have digressed all these people would have been such a happy moment for Kubrick, it was for me. When Malcom Mcdowell gets caught by his droog police friends and gets tortured by them by being pushed into water it wasn’t as classic as how he did during the intial part. That shows who’s the master of torture. Malcom, you beauty!

In spite of genuinely loving the movie, there are still a lot of things to appreciate with respect to the craft and the amount of work, detailing involved. On one side I was irritated as to who would accept the script if I write one like this and give me this budget. I was angry on Kubrick. But on the other side, every wall, every frame, every sentence, the bar and everything was so carefully erotically, violently crafted, or sculptured would be the word. Best of the setting was their hall, the lighting, the rubbish, the broken chair, the painting behind. Kubrick, you beauty!

And look how well the movie was written, the dialogues, the thing that people forget for most part. He gets it spot on. If Catcher on the Rye talked about his insecurity and pleasure, A Clockwork Orange talks about his unsettlingness and agony and to top it all, pleasure.

Beethoven was so beautifully used and so sadistically taken and gives that pleasure.


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