Movie Review – 10 Enrathukulla

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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It was a pleasure to watch Vikram as Vikram (A Man with no name) instead of The Vikram. The former being his power while he was churning hit after hits during his peak time. Good that this time he didn’t have to do weight lifting, put on weight, take lessons for blind, study braille etc. Even for other commercial movies in recent times like Thandavam he was trying always to do something “different”. So above all 10 Enrathukulla was a relief.

10 enrathukula

When Hollywood makes movies under their most famous category “Hollywood Crap” it gets the money because of the amount of craft involved in it. Take for example Eagle Eye. You don’t need much viewing of Hollywood movies or any movies for the fact to call Shia LaBeouf a horrible actor and the plot with so much twists and turns a bad way of writing. But in spite of all that you get entertained there in theatre. We call Inception not a good movie (in classical sense) but it doesn’t mean that it’s as bad as Eagle Eye.  By saying Eagle Eye a good movie, it doesn’t mean that it’s better than Inception in any ways. I guess you are able to get it. Movies have to be categorized in the way they are expected to work. Movies failing in their categories are the worst. Classic examples like Rajapattai, Anjaan etc, which wouldn’t work in any genre at any point of time. This, without taking into account the movies of Thala and Thalapathy, safely negating it to avoid fan fights.

So Vikram is human here, it has 3 songs, intro song, item song, romantic song and a number of fights in between, a twist in climax and everything that you need for a commercial potboiler. But see a minute of silence that Vikram has after knowing that Samantha had fallen in love for him. Look at how brilliantly the scene where Samantha gets kidnapped cuts to the dogs and comes back to her, and the scene before that where the fight scene merges into the one where she comes out a street. Those are brilliantly done editing scenes which no one is going to notice and that’s not even necessary for a film like this. This shows the directors sincerity. He needn’t have done that but he did.

Vijay Milton being an ace cinematographer shows his skills majorly in action sequences, especially the reflection camera in the climax car fight. But see how the scene builds. Vikram slows talks to the sister, takes his own time, she lets out a tear, the doctor makes Pasupathi move out of his way when he is holding the gun. Above all there is 10 second silence. Now how many directors do that? Of course there is no logic to explain, how a person could shoo off a guy who is holding gun but the point is impact. It made me laugh, it got the theatre in splits. It was even better because it’s a doctor who shoos of the gun as soon as he sees the patient getting tears in her eyes. May be if Rajkumar Hirani had done it, he’d have made a better scene.

The director’s way of making a commercial movie was a neat attempt. Be it the name play with AR Murugadoss and ending it with chi… (you know why the Chi… was used) using the same scene for comedy as well as sentiment, in spite of it didn’t worry. Putting some effort in making a proper setting for this to be road film, amount of genuininty for the climax scene. The scene where the tire burns and thus being used in the rails, gets the necessary continuation. Even if he had directly put the car in rails no one would have complained, or if they had hated, it wouldn’t have made them to hate more. But still he did it.

Vikram is not a guy who has fans who’ll go crazy no matter what he does, a reason why he doesn’t have haters too. That means he has to genuinely excite, even his fans, to make them clap. See the fight scene in Andhra. When the kid says 1, 2, he gives a smile. He gives a smile like how it should be given at that time. Needless to say, no matter what skill they exhibit, Ajith and Vijay would have got applause for that scene, but for Vikram he has to give that smile which would suit that particular scene. That’s one reason you don’t get disappointed with the film. He’s there, he’s there in the movie, wanting to make people believe that actors still exist.

As a fan it was good to watch the intro scene, his social deeds by giving food but not money to an old woman, his anklet giveaway in climax etc. But is also large hearted to use his contemporary Ajith’s name for a nameplate scene in the film. Again shows that he’s a director’s actor.

Deus Ex Machina was used in a proper way, how it must be used in a commercial film. If we complain of Deus Ex Machina in Avengers we are stupid but in Ayudha Ezuthu if it happens its bad. But the important thing is how much it has to be used. Vijay Milton shows how much to be used.

A lot of things happened which gave us joy while watching the film but there was one scene which was beyond what we had wanted. A moment where we forgot that we have to shout for the scene to make other people to look at us, but actually shouted because that scene it’s a sin to sit on seats. You know what I’m talking about…


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