Movie Review – Thani Oruvan

Posted: September 24, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Thani Oruvan is the second film, post Bahubali which wasn’t in my list of movies to be watched in this year. But thankfully like the former even the latter was engaging. But to invest time and watch a movie like this, I don’t know whether its worth. For an outing with lots of people, yes, it’s definitely a movie which can be watched. Thanks to an empty theatre and a penultimate seat middle row. I literally felt like I’m ‘thani oruvan’ (lone person) in theatres. It’s a nice feeling when you watch a film like that.

Thani Oruvan

There were subtle moments like the opening scene where Arvind Swamy getting out of the jail and using his middle finger to wipe his eye brows, the proposal scene where Ravi proposes just through words on the white board in the midst of a superb sniper scene were very well made moments in the movie. The latter was even more special because Ravi says to Nayanthara during the initial scene after she proposes him in a sweet way, “enaku propose panna theriyathunu evalo azaga propose panrae…” Those were the moments which gives the movie much needed boost as well as keeping it grounded so that audience would feel that they are part of it.

Hip Hop Tamizah has done a decent job here after pathetic work in Aambala. Good that they haven’t sung and the theme music adds spice to the movie. Songs too were minimal. But it was funny when Ravi/ Nayanthara writes in the white board, “Doctor varathuku inum 30 minutes iruku, ipo enna panalam.” I was like, “vera ena da pana poringa. Podunga da patta.” And that song was as pathetic as it could be.

Acting wise you could directly give it to Arvind Swamy for his subtle yet menacing acting. It’s a great way to make come back. But more credit has to be given to Ravi for accepting this role where his role is not as significant as Arvind Swamy as well to Raja for making a script not just for Ravi. Loved the way the villainous characters are given names in recent movies. Siddharth Abhimanyu, Vinayak Mahadevan etc. I personally preferred Vinayak Mahadevan but he was more of an antihero than a villain. But we could definitely see glimpse of Vinayak in Arvind Swamy’s character. In fact Arvind Swamy has to be given more credit because he didn’t make it look like a stereotypical bad guy.

Ravi on the other hand tries so hard to deliver a good performance but the problem is Ravi tries so hard to deliver a good performance.  Generally I don’t give credit to such acting but this time I felt pity on him. Especially the scene where Ravi shows his angst while killing. It was a really good try. If Ravi didn’t look like police others were well built but acting wise even worse than Ravi so it gave him an upper edge.

Of all Nayantara was the most irritating. Don’t know who the makeup artist is for this one. The close ups, her face reaction, floral skirts and monotonous sari with front hair fringe was such a pain. She finds some reason or the other to get into the costume she’s comfortable with. Someone has to inform her that a ‘cut’ was already said for Raja Rani shoot.

Art direction should have definitely been better. When you enter Ravi’s home it looks so funny with all wires convoluting to the center. The room looked more like a two weeks past un-cleaned birthday celebrated room. Whereas what he was trying was something like Michael Scoffield.

Above all if we have to talk about someone or something its Thambi Ramayah. Especially the scenes with Arvind Swamy were terrific. Be it the mosquito scene, airport scene or most importantly the scene where he tells him, “Appa unga keeta pesuna enaku oru clarity varuthu pa.” Post the opening scene with a young Arvind Swamy he became terrific.


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