Movie Review – Blood Simple

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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It’s simple, its blood. It’s as simple a story can get and it’s as simple blood can be splashed. A woman cheating on a man, a dishonest detective and a murder plan. The template couldn’t be as simple as that. But it’s a template redefined.

blood simple

It’s a different feel when you see an acclaimed director’s first film after you’ve seen a lot of their trademark films. You tend to like even their mistakes and naivity, something which you wouldn’t when you see the same film as a first film without knowing that the director is great. The topic of when to watch what film is debatable. As of now I’d vote as first films first but you never know. May be you need to watch a No Country for Old Men or a Fargo to like Blood Simple better. Or maybe not.

The opening scene itself shows a lot of ambition. I watched the director’s cut where an old man with pipe says how the film was remastered, the cut was late than usual. Not sure whether it was a pun or made with the film itself. The opening shot of a couple sitting inside the care and names flashing out every time their glass gets hit by light was wonderful, it was ambitious but Coen ambitious, so it was lovely to watch. Finally Ray’s (John Getz) face gets light up by the car behind him. There is tension in the air, but not to a great amount. It can wait and they have sex. “What do you want to do?” Asks Ray. “What do you want to do?” asks Abby (Frances McDormand)

It was difficult rather than being different to see Frances McDormand in such a hot role. All we see her is doing character roles. May be Joel and Frances weren’t going out back then, may be later he got possessive and cast her only in ‘decent’ roles. But the hotness of Frances McDormand couldn’t touch the Wild at the Heart level. Oh boy how hot Laura Dern was? What a woman. The chemistry between Ray and Abby here looked like Sailor and Lula in Wild at Heart. Only less sexual and less intriguing. Here the plot takes precedence than them.

Of the actors it was Dan Hedaya as Julian Marty who scores. See the scene where Ray comes to meet Marty to ask for his pay, in the opposite end there is fire, in his face there is this ruthless agony which he couldn’t give out but it’s on the brim, it could come out anytime. The way he takes in all the emotion is brilliant. It was one of the most underrated performance. He continues his awesomeness even in the next scene where he meets Loren Visser (M. Emmet Walsh).

The way the story evolves into a noir is where the film gets to become awesome. Once you are into the groove you sparsely have time even to breath. Not sure how much of an influence The Shining was to the climax scene of this film. It sure didn’t have that much of tension but it still eluded a lot of thrill.

The way few scenes were edited and how the characters end up being in different place were done terrifically well, add to it the dream sequence of Abby. Fools you like nothing. Coen does a Rififi too here by god knows how many minutes. The constant anguish between to kill or not to kill was so brilliantly executed. When you want to conclude about the film, simple is the word, splendid is the effect.


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