Movie Review – The Silence of the Lambs

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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The Silence of the lambs to the thriller genre is what Exorcist is to horror genre. Such an artistically made thriller which doesn’t take audience for granted. So much heart and soul put into it and terrific acting. I repeat, terrific, terrific acting. Anthony Hopkins does a Jack Nicholson here and Jodie Foster, does what, an even better Jodie Foster here. What a charm she is. She’s the Emma Stone of yesteryear. You could keep on watching that innocent face and hazel blue eyes.

the silence of the lambs

Everyone would be praising Anthony Hopkins for his role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, he did give one hell of a performance but his role is heroic. For an actor of his caliber it’s very much possible to do the same. Look at Jodie Foster as young Miss Clarice Sterling. The first time she gets called as Sterling, I heard it as darling. She appears in the opening credits deep down from the dumps, does her practice so sincerely, there were many places she could have skipped a routine, she doesn’t. She gets called by a superior official. She gets into the lift with all men who keep staring at, not only they, the sheriff and his boys too keep staring at her when this superior official leaves her in the midst of boys. What sort of person would do that? When she talks with Hannibal Lecter or with any others, her eyes waver around. She isn’t a confident person but she doesn’t hide it. She is an honest woman. You can’t hate her. Even if you are a serial killer. But see it’s the same person who when she finds an evidence comes running to Lecter and talks so confidently.

Lecter even though was considered the most menacing villain of all time, could have been given a total bad ass projection rather than being a do gooder. I liked the way the story travelled by introducing a serial killer who in turn helps the lead character get the serial killer who’s currently killing but when he says that he’s going to have an old friend for dinner it only makes us happy rather than making us hate him. It’s the same when he escapes out of the cell. The lighting and the killing were so perfect, it was a work of art.

Technically too this film worked like hell. Whenever Clarince thinks of her past, it easily overlaps the current scene, goes to the past and comes back to present without any distortion. Beautifully cut scenes those were. And obviously top notch editing in the climax which is very evident.

There are a few deus ex machina involved and certain scenes which makes us think whether Lecter is just giving a wild guess but it’s a movie about heroism so can’t complain much.

  1. shrinksays says:

    Loved the review of a movie that’s class apart.
    Another gripping scene from the movie is where the killer refers his victim as “the girl’.
    Thats outright chilling

    • Vikram M N says:

      Yeah in fact if you had noticed whenever there is a menacing dialogue by Anthony Hopkins, he walks very close to the camera and utters it. That’s why it gives you that impact

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