Book Review – Animal Farm

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Book Reviews
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Yes there are a lot of analogies, lot of intellectually hidden meanings, lots of motifs and lots of everything. But Animal Farm works on an emotional level even if you don’t get anything. I’m really good at not getting anything because I hate to do research on a book, I don’t find it convincing enough to like a book based on my research of the book. Animal Farm swept me off my feet like how The Dreamers did when I first watched it. Even though I didn’t get a thing about its history, significance etc. it still got me hooked when I watched it for the first time.


If the seven commandments were hilarious at first, think twice, because it’d get more and more hilarious as the book progresses. When I’m typing this, it’s making me think. I found those commandments to be hilarious, but ain’t I supposed to be sad for it, it’s a direct dig at ourselves, how we tend to accept everything which is being said, how we are okay with whatever which is being preached, after a point of time we don’t even know what’s right and what’s wrong. If you want it more evolved and more human, I mean more humans, not being human, read Volga to Ganga. There was astounding similarity between these two. Anyways Animal Farm is a book which could get as human as possible without a lot of humans.

I don’t know how someone can write a book which is as profound as this in 100 pages. During one of our movie discussions one of the guys said that he had seen a lengthy short film which runs for 10 minutes and a short feature film which runs for three hours. May be that’s the impact. Many small books are profound, The Guide, Train to Pakistan, The Cat and the Shakespeare etc. even though I didn’t understand the last one, I could find it to be deeply profound. In fact all of George Orwell’s books seems to be small. It also depends on the author’s style. Like how Dostoyevsky could never write a small book, but that wouldn’t make him an author who makes it lengthy to be profound. Only epics are supposed to be lengthy and to an extent fantasy, because they are the ones which need a lot of built up and background. If pulp fictions like The Girl with Dragon Tattoo gets to be lengthy, it becomes plain boring after a certain point of time. Where the only purpose seems to be to write the next book. Duh! Enough said!

As soon as I started reading I got a notion that it’d be a great satirical animation film. Even a puppet style animation film would been awesome. Sadly an animated film which was made wasn’t made well I guess. It should have been an epic movie.

Animal Farm, more than anything else gave me the kick. In the past two months this is one review I’m happily writing. It could be due to various reasons but every now and then you need an inspiration to do better. Animal Farm for me was an inspiration and I’m glad for it.

  1. Grace Meredith says:

    This was one creepy book, for me. But I agree with you about the impact!

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