Movie Review – Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Confusion, for the sake of better word is good. But how pointless the confusion is, is the question. Here the confusion was to the point. The director’s way of conveying the confusion was confusing. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi should have been a lot better. Such a brilliant title, it’d have been a great movie for soul searching, rather than heroine searching. Every part where a women appears in the film was a disappointment. It was all plasticky. A hot girl, an innocent girl, a naïve girl etc. Romance was lingering with confusion.


The first half in itself was purposefully purposeless, meeting dacoits, party, communist people. It’s like a story which any armchair traveler would dream about. I won’t talk about the costumes, fresh face and tired less body of the travelers. It is something which I think would take a lot of time to comprehend. Even Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was similar but it had Ranbir, who always steals the show. Dulquar for some reason always plays coming of age movies. It’s the same here too, he disappoints again here.

But it was an amazing feeling to have travelled most of the places shown in the movie except North East and Kolkata. It’s again there in my next year’s agenda. That was it was special. The travel, bikes, fun etc. it went well.

The first half lingered too much on showing various drastically different aspects of travelling. If you are a bachelor traveler and your parents are watching it or if you are a married person and your dependents are watching it, they are bound to be scared. This travel stigma has caught big time in films now. It was like showing stenographers with low cut blouse and tight fight jeans, it was like showing court as the most entertaining place in world. Travel has been added to the list now. It has become a fashion.

The shortcomings in the first half suddenly takes an awesome u turn in the second half. Remember the U turn which Dulquar takes to repair his bike. That was the terrific part, the confusion was at the peak at that time, the lorry chase, the old man’s story and add to it the flashback. All of a sudden the old man’s part made me emotional. I’m still trying to guess why.

Director Ram in one of his interviews said, “You people go to worship in Kasi, go for Girivalam. Do you know who the people who are sitting there? They are not saints. They are most probably rapists, murderers etc. People who have done hideous crimes.” I mean, does our system really have space to accept people who want to live peacefully, who have accepted their mistake. I don’t know. But that old man reminded me of them. My eyes got swelled up.

The part where Kasi takes Assi to his house and the confusion in his house too was superbly dealt. The heroine was a big disaster, who wasn’t able to emote. Otherwise those 20 minutes were superbly made.

The purpose for which he takes travel was very childish. Very literal. His friend’s purpose was awesome. Initially even though I hated him to be the funny guy. I started liking him post second half. The climax too was a huge disappointment. A lot better ending could have been made. Music too could have been a lot better. The usage of songs to run the movie from one place to another has become so monotonous now. When would a movie like ‘Into to the Wild’ gonna come and when would a scene like the protagonist burning money gonna affect us. I’m waiting!


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