Movie Review – Mumbai Police

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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I never knew that watching the movie in spite of knowing the climax would still be as awesome as I could think of. May be it’d have been even better if I had not known the climax but Mumbai Police was one brilliant tale. I should have ideally watched the movie before Premam. Any amount of heroism looks miniscule after watching Premam. Otherwise the scene where Antony (Prithviraj) enters the police station to protect Aaryan (Jayasurya), the lights turning off after the navy people come, would have been epic.

Mumbai Police

Being a Prithviraj fan, I was initially skeptical about his performance as a rude Antony. It felt artificial. But when he becomes Antony no. 2 and then we see the Antony No. 1, I was spellbound. What an actor this guy is.

In spite of having a great storyline this movie could have been lot more stylish, except for the one scene where goons try to kill him and he comes out of the flat after negotiating their advances, the flats lights go on one by one. That scene was the only stand out scene. Otherwise the Bourne style action choreography and the police station fight scene could all have been made in a lot better way.

But I loved the story telling, he initially lets out the answer and the rest of the film happens after his amnesia. And in a most crucial juncture where Farhan (Rahman) asks for the report in 18 days, next shot directly goes to the final day and then goes for a flashback. It takes a lot of guts to have made the narration in that way.

It’s very good to see Prithviraj in such a role in main stream movie. But I wasn’t sure about the climax, it looked like an anticlimax about the issue. But the story and the twist made everything up. If there is one more scene which lacked clarity, it’s the scene where the old police officer takes an oath and explains about the how his daughter hates to call his dad a normal police officer. Though that scene was given as a scene for goose bumps and even though it achieved it, it’s still not clear why so much screen space was given to that scene. But in the end, the camera traces the outline of the officer who stands in shadows and Prithviraj in the background. That was lovely.

Also I should give it to the makeup department was so casually handling two phases of Prithviraj, the right red eye was highlight. Like the above mentioned 18 days scene, even the initial cut of the film was made in a way where Prithviraj No. 2 appears immediately after Prithviraj No. 1. Nice style that.

The director Rosshan Andrews seems to be a promising talent, his writer Bobby-Sanjay also seems to be aiding him well. There is a rumor that he’d be directing Kamal Hassan next. That would be one exciting film. Let’s see how it works.


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