Movie Review – A Separation

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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A Separation, one of the widely acclaimed film of the current era and rightly so. Though it didn’t hit me as hard as Children of Heaven, it still had a terrific impact on me. How brilliantly was it written! In fact all Iranian films, the critically acclaimed ones that is, could be taken for study for its writing. Balu Mahendra reportedly seemed to have watched the film and said that it spoilt his day and he had to change most of the shots for his movie, Thalaimuraigal, which he was currently shooting at that time. That’s how impressed the ace director was.

a separation

Not only, A Separation, but take any Iranian film for that matter, actors would be terrific. You hardly know whether they are acting or not. It would be as if a camera had been fixed in a hidden location in a household and they are doing their daily chores. It was similar here too.

When the film opens you see a couple waiting to get divorce. You’d be inclined more towards the man, you think he fits in the protagonist part. But as the film progress your opinion would change. The confrontations between the couple would sometime be so abysmal, you’d think whether it really is worth fighting for.

Of all the people, their daughter is the one whom I pitied the most. Especially during the climax when she cries over her decision. It was heartbreaking.

Apart from the characters being singularly working so perfectly, even the combination scenes were such a bliss. Initially it’s the lead characters and their quarrel, then it’s the husband and the maid, how their relationship unfolds into a fight, then the way the wife makes maid do the work, how she would be more understanding, the husband and maid’s husband’s quarrel. It’s all so brilliantly done. The only two people who remain who they are, are their children. But what’s horrible is they are the ones who suffer the most. In spite of a high tension drama in the climax, they would be happily playing in their backyard. When they look at each other, their eyes moist, it would melt any heart.


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