Book Review – The Brothers Karamzov

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Book Reviews
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After a struggle of 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days I finally completed The Brothers Karamzov, more than being happy, I felt as if a load was of my back.  It’s always a problem with reading huge heavy books, book like Lord of the Rings is fine, its huge but has a lot of events and goes on interesting but with The Brothers Karamzov, to keep the concentration intact is very tough. For me Crime and Punishment was a failure, I found it too tough to handle from the first. I’ve to reread to understand it but don’t think it’s going to happen any soon or going to happen at all. But with The Brothers Karamzov I at least started on a positive note, the first 100, 150 pages was terrific, till father Zossima dies it swept me of my feet. It did continue its charm afterwards but I couldn’t concentrate.


Why the book is famous, I don’t know but the things I found to be different were the narration style and characters confusion. Narration was special. Dostoyevsky talks to us directly, like our next door neighbor, we don’t find him profound but we find the characters to be profound, that’s one hell of a writing. Also he tells the story in a way how a person like us would have told to another person, like omitting few details, repeating the same story etc. That was special.

I’m not sure why an epic movie wasn’t made out of this book which defines character so precisely. May be that’s why an epic movie wasn’t made. Because confusions of the characters would have been so tough to project on screen.

The best part of the book for me would be the talk which Father Zossima makes in his death bed. Only after completing my novel I got to know Dostoyevsky’s deep interest in religion. Because when I read about Christianity in classics, I always get confused whether they are supporting it or against it.


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