Movie Review – Pisasu

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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I’ve always wondered why it took so long for Mysskin to make a horror movie. A guy who rarely uses lights and even if he does he uses only a zero watts bulb. In spite of all that he made a horror movie which I took this long to watch and missed in theatres. May be there is a time for everything and this is the time for me to watch Pisasu.


What a fresh perspective Mysskin brings to the horror movie genre. Exorcist is my most favorite horror movie with horror not being my forte. Now Pisasu becomes my second favorite. Exorcist is my favorite not because of all the head twisting, bed jumping, step walking stuff but because when the priest gets a drink and asks for ‘on the rocks’, he doesn’t get one and drinks it neat instead. That’s what gets missed in most of the horror movies. When its horror the directors forget that it’s horrific because only people are involved in it. If it’s about ghosts, no one will be interested. But what we get to see always is a group of people getting lost and the prettiest girl getting killed at last.

I said Exorcist is my favorite but that doesn’t mean ‘Shining’ isn’t in the list. Shining is class apart but it’s purely Kubrician. My favorite film of Kubrick is ‘Shining’. I couldn’t put it strictly in the ‘horror’ category. But Exorcist fits in the classic horror category. So does Pisasu.

The best thing about Pisasu is its style. The way a horror movie deals with positivity and that too without humor. And the ghost here isn’t something like ‘pattanathil bootham’ one which does well to hero in a charming way. It remains how a ghost should remain by inducing fear but still does well to the hero.

Which director will have guts to have a scene where the ghost’s father sees the ghost for the first time and cries, asking her not to leave him? It would easily have passed as the most laughable scene. The plot is similar to Eeram but the treatment is different. The characters are well etched. Look at the guy who always gives advice to two other people in the car corridor, it was classic me.

For a director who makes ‘dark’ movies, look at the opening shot of Pisasu. Broad day light, cars, colors and accident. In fact the very story gets a ‘color’ twist in the climax which I won’t reveal. The opening shot was brilliant. Best thing about Mysskin’ s framing is he never starts with subjects whom we are going to follow, they always get into the frame from the least possible way we expect. Here too it’s the same.

Music wise too Mysskin has a great ear. He could get what he wants. ‘Kathala kannala’ still remains one of the best item songs ever made. And the way he picks up the music directors need to be given a special mention.

His regular motif with blind people and corrupt police gets repeated here too but I didn’t get to know why. And why did the old lady in yellow kept on staring at the hero in police station?

In spite of so many good points why doesn’t Mysskin become my favorite director? I have always felt there is some doubt in his films, some confidence missing in his films. It’s not as confident as how Paul Thomas Anderson would take a subject and do. Actors too on the other hand look plasticky in his films. Mysskin is a director who wants the complete product to be his own. So I think there is very minimal thing that the actors could do and that’s why they remain plasticky. But as an actor he too was bad in Onayum Attukutiyum. Also his picture clarity never seems to be good, they are always kind of amateurish, looks like a short film which has been very well made. May be it’d be better if he works with top technicians. I’m not sure. But I’m sure that he’ll surprise me next time too like how he did with Pisasu.


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