Movie Review – City of God

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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City of God, I had watched during my initial days of movie viewing. I was charmed by its exuberance at that time. It’s one of the very good foreign movies to start first up. It has enough mix of action, violence, twits and some fast paced editing. The narrative needless to say is brilliant. As I had forgotten almost the whole movie except for the stunning climax and the tracking shot of Shaggy, the movie was entertaining. But it would have been even more entertaining for people who had watched for the first time. I’m not sure whether I’m getting tired of action movies as such or I’m getting tired to watch the same action film for the second time.

city of god

This is a curious reason. Because Terminator 2 never got me bored, what I watched like 20 times? But City of God in spite of being a good movie didn’t charm me like Terminator 2 did. What’s the reason? Is Terminator 2 a better movie than City of God? That’s debatable. But whether Terminator 2 charms you more than City of God. Hell yeah!

The best thing about City of God is a guy like Rocket wins at last, even if he doesn’t he stays alive. The concept of ‘eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ is superbly shown. You get into violence, you die of violence. Rocket gets a lot of chance to be one among them but he chooses the more straightforward path, a boring path. It’s not easy to be a normal loser guy in the midst of so many hoodlums. But rocket does that.

Much has to be credited to the way City of God was written. It exactly conveys the emotion of a teenager. It doesn’t tell you anything philosophically in a direct way but gets you intrigued with its philosophy. That’s the beauty about City of God. For example there is a scene where he has so many photos that would make him famous and rich. He carefully chooses the one which would make him rich and avoids the one which would make him famous. That’s the kind of guy Rocket is. Even though Lil’ze had killed his brother, when he gets the camera from him he has a smile in his face. In return making us smile too.

I liked the younger version of Lil’ze i.e. Lil’dice, especially during the shootout scene where he massacres the hotel residents. It was fun. It had to be cruel, it was but it was fun. In fact I liked the whole of hotel scene. The reaction from one of the tender trio, I guess Shaggy when he enters into the room where people involve in threesome act, he says, “what kind of hotel is this.” That was epic. Editing needless to say was fabulous for the hotel scene, in fact for the whole movie. The treatment given to the movie is what made the movie special.

Even though I wasn’t remembering a lot about City of God while watching Slumdog Millionaire, I felt Slumdog was a dubbed version of City of God. If City of God had been shot in English it’d have become like Slumdog. Slumdog as a standalone movie was decent but whether it was as appealing as City of God is a big question.

This movie made me more intrigued about Rocket than anything else because it’s through him we hear the story. He’s one hell of a happy go lucky guy. If he could be so content in a surrounding like City of God, think how happy he’d have been in a less violent society. Like the camera scene I mentioned above, look at the scene where he initially gets the camera as gift from Benny. Benny has the girl whom Rocket wants to be with but instead of being jealous he enjoys the DJ and gets happy for camera. His sadness is always short lived. I loved that guy Rocket.

If only people could be as charming as Rocket, life could be very less complicated.


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