Movie Review – Kakka Muttai

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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There is always a problem with going to a widely acclaimed ‘art’ film. You never know how much of ‘art’ people could take in. Kakka Muttai had a variety of audience when I viewed. Mostly upper middle class with a eenie meenie bit of people from lower strata. Kakka Muttai is a film which was mostly targeted to be the slap on the face of people from higher strata. But here we are appreciating the film for its subject and rawness.


I mean, why must a film always have to be issue based to get national award or any other country. Kakka Muttai cinematically lacks a lot but that’s to the issue and stellar cast, it steals the show. Even the portrayal of kids isn’t as awesome as Iranian films where most of the times it’s always the young actors who are protagonists.

Kakka Muttai like any other issue based film too opens up in the similar fashion. We get to know about the title in a nice way. And as expected an upper class landlord takes the place where these kids play to convert it to a restaurant. The time frame it takes to convert wasn’t clearly shown. One day the land is taken, the other day you see the restaurant. The pace could have been gradual.

In the mean time you see how ‘happy’ people are in spite of having no money. If there is one actor who stole the show other than the china Kakka Muttai, it’s her. She was fabulous as a mother of two. The way she rejects the offer of joining the protest, the way she gets angry on the kids, the way she talks with her mother in law and best of the lot, the scene where she has a conversation with one of the MLA’s assistants to take his husband out. He asks whether the boy is her brother, she says it’s her child and pulls him closer. I was praying that the film shouldn’t go in an angle where the MLA would want her to sleep with him for the husband’s release. Thankfully it didn’t happen.

There were few scenes which were beautiful, like the one where the Periya Kakka Muttai to irritate his mother, asks his brother about his name. Once he replies as ‘Chinna Kakka Muttai’ he says his name is Periya Kakka Muttai and leaves the place. It was one of the beautifully choreographed scenes in the movie. Similarly when they both get enough money to go to Citi Center, Chinna Kakka Muttai says, “Namalla sathiyama ulla vida matangada.” It was brilliant. But the scene leading to it where they had to buy tickets for 12 rupees could have been made better by conductor asking two rupees from them.

For these good scenes there was equal number of bad scenes too, like the one where their mother says, why they would keep costly shops in those areas and the scene where the Kakka Muttai waits with a stick to steal the phone but at last moment goes against it. We know this is what the movie is trying to say. Why make it so obvious.

Climax even though a bit clichéd was lovely. When they got down the car to trumpets blowing, everyone felt happy for them.

Remember at first when I told about the irony of higher strata people watching this film and appreciating. It could be irony but it could also be because of the fact that everyone has a child’s heart inside. Everyone has a kind heart inside and everyone wants to know how every other person lives. It could be as simple as that too.


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