Movie Review – Inception

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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The first time when I watched Inception in a huge deserted Devi Paradise, when totem spun in the climax and was about to fall, the pleasure was enormous. I was at my happiest phase in my life. The same couldn’t be said when I watched the film in lap top for the second time. Much has to be attributed to my mentality towards the movie but various other factors like sound, lighting too played its part.


This was the first time I was watching a Nolan movie for second time, I wanted to know what it feels like watching a Nolan movie after knowing the twist. To be honest I’ve got bored of Nolan. It only feels good in theatre with all those effects but after that it becomes a stale product. That too watching Inception for the second time after Interstellar, it just didn’t create an impact.

Nolan is a great craftsman, a very good writer and a meticulous planner. All the traits that’s needed for a blockbuster director. I got a chance to see the making of Inception, the way he had handled the famous zero gravity scene and the sound effects in Paris café scene. It was all so meticulously planned, a great effort involved. These are the traits a blockbuster director must have. Problem arises when they take Nolan to godly stature.

When you see the trailer with DiCaprio in close up telling, “I specialize in a very specific type of security, subconscious security.” You get wooed by the film. DiCaprio is again a charmer, who would perfectly suit for a film like this. No one had used him like Scorsese did, be it both Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street but he adds the necessary charm to a movie like Inception. If one has to portray a person who is in tyranny he’s the best. Got to know that DiCaprio had rejected Nolan’s offer for a lot of time and finally agreed for this one. He might be correct in doing so as Nolan’s movie revolves about plot more than performances.

The entire cast is so well organized and hand-picked. Joseph Gordon Levitt, needless to say would be the perfect ban to be ally, a man who doesn’t complain. Tom Hardy comes as a charmer. No one could have portrayed confusion in a better way than Marion Cottilard. Then there are regulars who are destined to play their roles well, like Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine etc. Ellen Page was the most curious and charming character in the movie, that’s actually a genius picking.

There were few scenes which were cleverly dealt, like how Saito watches the safe when told about secret, how the watch hand moves in a different pace in each dream and his explanation about the dreams. Even though his explanations are literal, when you hear it for the first time it makes you say ‘wow’. It’s both his boon and bane. You of course want to be wowed by a film but if it happens on your own and not by some spoon feeding it’d be good. Whenever a discussion about Inception happens people tend to forget everything about the look, feel, impact of the film and discuss only about the plot.

But I’ve to give to Nolan for still sticking to film reels and more importantly not using 3D. He could have easily used 3D in Inception where the roads bend, the car crashes, the trains run in the middle of the road creating havoc. All these would have looked even more majestically in 3D but he stayed out of it. He has some policy and that is appreciable.


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