Movie Review – Premam

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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When you watch a couple of movies and want to write about a movie which doesn’t stand first in the order you watched, it pretty much tells the story. I was smitten by Premam. I confess! It’s nothing new that I haven’t seen, but it was a pure happy movie. Coming from a new gen director, a movie with positivity and not about positivity itself is a huge relief. When black comedies and negative characters are ruling the roost, here is a movie which woos you, charms you, sweeps you out of your feet with its cuteness.


Premam stars Nivin Pauly as George, a charmer that he is, carries the whole movie in his shoulder. And has a couple of friends in the form of Koya (Krishna Shankar) and Shambu (Shabareesh Varma). They don’t have much to do. But they always remain with him, right from the time they have chaya to pazampuri to Absinthe. They’ll always be there. There aren’t any overtly emotional filmy friendship dialogues or there aren’t any big deeds as to why they become friends. But they don’t go out of focus but that doesn’t stop from George taking the center focus. They are like the Tamil Alphabet ‘ ‘. George directly goes to the top settles for the center spot and they both settle for the below spot. They think that’s where they belong. I have a couple of friends, Lokesh and Arun, neither am I a charmer nor do we get involved in any heroic activities. With others generally complaining of my bossy attitude I’ve asked them whether I’ve been selfish or bossy. They’ll give a blank stare. I stopped asking after a couple of times. Made me think that they are comfortable and knowing that I was comfortable.

Don’t know why, but quite recently, acting bug has bit me. Well, who wouldn’t love to do a role like George. He was perfect. Only two actors of current era can be perfect in the roles. Before it was only Ranbir and now it is Nivin. I’m a fan of Vikram but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Ranbir and Nivin being perfect don’t mean all they touch will be gold. But they are perfect. That’s that.

The opening credits of the film where they show a butterfly and camera slightly moving here and there like a balloon trapped inside the box which floats here and there but gets stuck to the boundary and returns. Even when the balloon touches the walls of the box it doesn’t look harsh, it’s cute. It doesn’t look like a tennis ball hitting the wall. This is one movie where I have to hurt my ego and use the word ‘cute’ a lot of times. At certain points you feel as if the camera will move out of the fence but it peeps out and gets back to the same position. The whole film has that effect emotionally as well as that type of framing.

It also takes a lot of effort to make a poster out of a simple insect like butterfly. It’s like making a poster with heart symbol for a movie called ‘Love’. The way he uses the butterfly to symbolize various stages of love was brilliant. The usage of food in all junctions of the movie and how the hero turns out to start a bakery was a brilliant way of storytelling. (Credit for this point has to go to my friend.)

We get to see George’s life from his 12th standard. Like everyone in the tea shop he’s also behind Mary (Anupama Parameshwaran), a true village beauty. Like him even I fell in love with her. The best thing about the part where these people go behind Mary was, no one gets ridiculed and George doesn’t get to be better than the others or worse than the others. He’s as much in the chaos as the others are. For Mary they all are same. If we had taken out George and followed other guys, I’m sure it’d have been the same story as that of George. And Mary, what a girl she was. I’m still to come out of the web she cast on me and yet to stop humming Aluva Puzha. Add to it, the brilliant use of center framing to depict two sides of story was a treat to watch.

Next part, for most would have been the favorite. Right from the time where ‘Palu kadikunu…’ song starts I was hooked. Heroism at its peak. The way the scene intercuts between slow mo and normal speed was a treat to watch. It’s not that these three guys are doing something extraordinary, they rebel without cause but they do it in style. Especially when they get together in the climax and this song plays in the background, it was a riot. The second part wasn’t awesome only because of his heroism but also because of Malar (Sai Pallavi), whom he falls in love similar to me who again fell in love. Malar is ideal, she’s beautiful, rustic, intelligent, has a great voice, charming and best of all elder to you. In addition to that, special mention has to be given to Malar’s makeup artist. It was brilliant with pimples, slightly oily face etc. In her first scene she would be called by George and gang for ragging. She would say she’s a teacher and George would lower his sunglasses to see her and say, “oh Tamil ah.” It was brilliant. The whole second part of the story shows George’s confidence. The romance was brilliant. It didn’t have to end the way it had to. I’d have preferred them to part ways without telling each other about their love, right after the dance program but this meant that we could curse the destiny and not them.

Third part was my least favorite for two reasons, Nivin Pauly didn’t look good. May be he was supposed to look boring and it got quite evident that a conclusion is going to happen. Next to it the Scene Contra song and liquor sequences seem to be purposefully injected, even though ‘Absinthe’ scene gave me laugh and I’m sure would have made all my close friends laugh too. Funny thing was Koya exactly says my dialogue of ‘68% alcohol’ when he opens the bottle. The third heroine looked plasticky to me, many called her cute. She seemed to be a nice person but remained my least favorite because there wasn’t any curiosity about her. If instead of showing Celine (Madonna Sebastian) as a young girl occupying Rosy, if they had shown her as Mary’s own sister it’d have been even better. Because that’s how I understood the movie.

This is not a story which has never been seen before. We of course have seen similar films like this in the form of Autograph, Varanam Ayiram, Boyhood etc. but the charm Premam packs to itself couldn’t be put into words. Makes me love Malayalam movies love more than Malayali girls. Adipoli!

Premam, come fall in love.


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