To Dad, With Love

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Movie Reviews

To Dad,

As far as I remember the very first incident that comes to my mind on this special day is when my dad took an ailing me in bike to school during my 4th standard, may be, from my house in Chellapa Gramani Street to Sathya school which was five streets away from my home. I had this peculiar habit like every kid to get ill on the mornings to school. I get headaches on the mornings before going to school but the moment I see my friends it vanishes off. Similarly I had headache that day. My mom generally neglects whenever I say I have headache as she thought I was acting. She somehow knew when I was really ill and when I was feeling like I’m ill.

On that day she thought I wasn’t really ill but my dad who was always concerned about my headache no matter what, was skeptic about me going to school that day. But with much reluctance I went to school. I have a habit of sitting in my dad’s scooter facing the road and not him i.e. in the opposite direction, if you know what I mean. On that day as I was not feeling well I sat with my face facing his back. We had to cross Purasaiwalkam market to reach school. After crossing a couple of streets. I vomited on him. I was very much embarrassed as I vomited on him on a place where he is known. And that too during school hours the area used to be crowded beyond imagination. A street dweller there asked my dad, “Em pa ipdi odambu sariyilatha payana schooluku itunu porae?” He gave a smile and dropped me back home. I slept for a couple of hours and got up. My fever totally vanished and I forgot the incident. But ever since then I’ve wanted to say sorry to my dad for embarrassing him in public. Dad, sorry!

If I have to say sorry there are millions of incidences. Being a parent one is bound be on that side, that’s a fate. But when it comes to humiliations the closest that comes next to this is my dad standing in front of teachers during my parent teachers meeting. One thing I absolutely hated. I have hated studies ever since I remember. However I try I couldn’t concentrate during a lecture, I couldn’t study for more than ten minutes at a stretch. After my dad faces humiliation in front of my teacher, after every term exams, after every birthday and after every New Year I take an oath to get good marks but it never happened. Well… that’s me for you. A sorry again Dad!

I’ve been to his office a numerous times and I see almost all the people praising and lauding him and I see him mingling well with a lot many people. No partiality and stuff. His jokes which are worse at home works very well in office. He talks very less in office. Though our criticism to stop cracking stupid jokes has made him a person who cracks good jokes, credit has to be given to him for implementing it so efficiently.

Not only in office, every time I go to my home town the immense respect he gets is truly commendable. My mom’s side relatives naturally don’t like my grandma i.e. my dad’s mom but they themselves have said that they were keeping mum because of my dad.

Just because my dad is retiring today I don’t want to say he is perfect in everything he has his own flaws; he has things that irritates me the most. The first thing that comes to my mind is his optimism. I’ll quote an example. The nearest railway station from my home is 1 km whereas the bus stop to home where we previously stayed is about 500 meters. Instead of considering this as an issue he says that it’s good as he could walk which in turn is good for his health. People who hear it, third person won’t know how much it irritates. It’s okay to say that it’s good to walk but sometimes facts have to be accepted. Never is all izz well.

The second most annoying thing is his attempt to get perfection. He doesn’t want even a single criticism against him. Be it during house warming ceremony or the recent 60th birthday celebration. He wants to hear only good words from people. He’s 60 but still he’s not able to accept that perfection is a myth.

But say whatever he has worked for 42 years and 39 years in the same company. A true workaholic, a term that he doesn’t like to be termed with but a term which defines him. My mom hates him for being so. I’m amazed as to how some person can be a workaholic for 39 years. I’ve barely managed 3 years in office but the amount of insults, criticisms is more than ever. He 39 years in office definitely wouldn’t have been all fruitful. Though he’s facing a few problems now I have never seen him complain about his office. For his sincerity he definitely deserves a bow.

Finally, something which I always wanted to say but always felt shy to say, particularly coming from me this might sound even more cheesy. Whatever, Love You Dad. And as usual this piece too will go public without anyone in my family knowing about me.

And as for the title, E.R. Braithwaite To sir with love is one of my dad’s favorite books which I’m still to read. I found this title apt to tweak so that it fits the piece like a tee. Apt enough isn’t it?

With love,
Your son
M N Vikram


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