Movie Review – Bombay Velvet

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Don’t know how a film which was loved by me could be trashed by everyone else. I got to know a glimpse of hatred towards the movie before I went to theatres. Otherwise the expectations from my side were skyrocketing. Come on, Anurag Kashyap + Ranbir + Period flick. What more can you expect. This expectation was without me knowing that the music of the film was by Amit Trivedi. One genius! If I had known about that too, my expectations would have raised one notch up. The movie in fact fulfilled my expectations.

bombay velvet

When it was announced as a period flick I expected the movie to be more of an outdoor one, but sadly it wasn’t. So I didn’t really get a period flick feeling. But making wise it was better than Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. There, in each and every scene you’d get reminded of the movie being a period flick, with thick moustache, bell bottoms etc. But here it’s organic. You don’t feel as if you are watching a period flick but you rather get transported to that era.

I didn’t get half the dialogues, may be the dialect was that of 60s Bombay or that of current Mumbai itself. I’m not sure. But whatever it was it sounded real. I’m in fact a fan of Bombay or anything related to Bombay. But funny thing was, our ticket collector asked us whether we are going to Mumbai Velvet. He took the liberty to change the title. Perks of being the first person to get into the theatre you see. Add to it, Hindi movie night show in S2 Thyagaraja is mostly infested by IIT grads who shout and hoot at the slightest amount of excitement on screen. But sadly they slept after few minutes this time after few screeches for Ranbir Kapoor and whistles for Karan Johar.

Bombay Velvet is about performance. Ranbir gets a role of life time. He makes me say this every time he does a film. By far the most talented actor in current era. He just blows you off with his performance this time. I’ve always wanted to be a director but this time Ranbir made me wish to be an actor. He is so perfect that you in fact start hating him for that. Best of his scenes apart from the gun scene which I’d discuss later, were the ones in fighting ring, morbid romance with Anushka, especially when she doesn’t sing for him in room he goes and stands before the mike to hear her sing in close up and obviously the ones with Karan Johar. Karan Johar on the other hand was expectedly a gay gangster but boy o boy, how awesomely he fit into the role. His intro and ending were the best scenes of the movie. He absolutely nailed it.

It was not only about Ranbir and Karan. Everyone fits into their role perfectly. Anushka was a surprise package. It’s not easy to play such a subtle role. Kay Kay Menon’s role though not up to the mark was still a good one. He’d have been at home if he had done a negative character. Being the only honest person in the film, he was as if an extra block in the wall.

When a director puts up Scorsese’s name first up in the title, he must have great guts as well as so much love for the director. That’s very much evident in the film. In fact the English version of the movie seem to have been edited by Thelma Schoonmaker, Scorsese’s editor. In Hindi version I couldn’t see anything distinct with respect to editing in the movie.

Bombay Velvet is about style. The whole films flavor is so well made, especially the lighting. It makes you feel that you wanna hold light for at least one shot. The epic climax scene was the best example of lighting. But the scene with machine gun would make you go gaga, as much as ‘say hello to my lil man’ scene in Scarface. An otherwise sleepy crowd came alive only during that scene.

I don’t know why the film didn’t work with almost everyone. For me everything fell on place. Music, lighting, acting, storytelling. Everything was how it must have been. I didn’t feel any remorse for it. Special mention to music. Anurag Kashyap’s movie doesn’t make you like the songs but makes you like the feel it gives. How many directors have the guts to use similar tones throughout the movie and how many music directors are willing to do it. Anurag as a matter of fact is a kind of his own.

Things would have been so better if my Hindi had been good and I had known more about politics of that era. But again it’s not completely necessary to enjoy the film. If you know, you could appreciate the film better.


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