Movie Review – Piku

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Piku is not a movie which is not to be missed, Piku is not a movie which you will learn something out of it, but Piku is a movie which you don’t complain of. It has a stellar cast in the form of Deepika, Amitabh and Irfaan. All these people in spite of doing a variety of role still do something different in the movie. When they all combine its one hell of a ride.


I’ve started liking anything which has Kolkata background. The Kolkata we see here is different. When Piku (Deepika Padukone) and co get to go to Bhaskhor’s (Amitabh Bachchan) house it gives us a sense of satisfaction. I generally have a problem when director tries to show the city. No one could get what Woody Allen gets out of the city but everyone tries to be Allen. That’s the problem. But when Rana (Irrfan Khan) asks Piku to show the city it was nice, it really felt like Rana wanted to see the city.

Piku and Bhaskhor have a beautiful relationship. You initially see Piku and her short temper quite laboriously but when Bhaskhor starts talking, you get to know where she has got it. As father as daughter. We hardly see a frame where they don’t talk. And its Amitabh most of the time who does the talking. Whenever he stops talking Piku takes a minute to accept him for what he is and smiles which looks special.

In spite of both Deepika and Amitabh being such seasoned actors it was Irfaan who steals the show. I don’t know how this man could fit in his role so easily. Last I saw him was in Haider, in spite of a lot of people doing a lot of things he steals the show in those few minutes he appears. It’s the same here. The point is he could do something as sexy as Haider as well as, as subtle as Piku. In fact he looked a lot younger. It was really nice to see him in a positive role.

The whole movie revolves around shit but it’s hardly makes our face go awry. Only after Piku mentions that Bhaskhor associates every single emotion with motion, I understood the tag line of the movie, “Motion se hi emotion hai”. It’s easy to make a movie like Delhi Belly revolving around shit but for a family movie like Piku it was tough, which was handled excellently well. When you see Piku and Bhaskhor talking constipation you don’t have that uneasiness. It’s their family matter, their daily affair so it doesn’t affect us.

I also liked the way the film ended. Nothing dramatic, nothing over the top. Just one minute change of Bhaskar to Bhaskhor and badminton in the front yard completes what was a nice movie watching experience.

Shoojit Sarcar seems to be one of the promising directors of current era. Varied themes, movies which you can’t find any mistake, movies which give you satisfaction. It’d be really interesting to see what he is up to in his upcoming films.


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