Movie Review – Kanchana 2

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Guilty pleasure. That’s what Kanchana 2 is. Once in a while you have to indulge in your favorite movies even though you’ll regret like hell to have wasted your time because 1) at least for the next six months you won’t be guilty for indulging in some pleasure activities and 2) to see how people could be so happy.


Generally S2 Thyagaraja is the ‘family’ theatre of Thiruvanmiyur, with women ratio always greater than men. Even when all the shouting and hooting going on you could hear more of female screeches than male open vocal chords. So for movies like Oh Kadhal Kanmani, VTV it works. If its Inglorious bastards or interstellar better shift the theatre. Well other Sathyams has its own share of problems but that’s different.

So in a theatre visited by chic girls and hep familys we felt totally out of place. There were three set of families whom we knew 1) our ex next door Telugu neighbor who’s Tamil is so horrible that the auto wala would charge him 50 rupees more as soon as he opens his mouth 2) our daily milk van driver and 3) the lady whom we buy fish almost every Sunday. And majority of the people were from that third strata.

In a theatre were people say ‘excuse me’ when coughing, it was a celebration on a Saturday night, glittering saris and loud make up. It was like a festive occasion. Incidentally when Uttama Villain trailer was played no one was interested, accepted that it’s a bad trailer but I pity Kamal here. Don’t know what’s going to be his fate next week when his movie releases. But as soon as the title flashes, the crowd erupted, when Lawrence intro happened the sound doubled, for every horror scene the crowd jolted, for every comedy the crowd burst out laughing. I wasn’t sure what I was missing but one thing was sure I was missing to be happy. Isn’t want cinema, what you call as commercial cinema about? Making people happy. Here people were genuinely happy. They get what they wanted to.

The purpose of giving this big intro is because Kanchana 2 is not a film to be criticized. Even to view the film from a critical angle is sin. But in a film which is mean to satisfy people what Raghava could have done better is, get at least a couple of hit songs, minimize the gay or ‘A’ jokes and definitely cut short the length of the film. And it’s a big miss to have left out Devadarshini from the cast, her combination scenes with both Kovai Sarala and Sreedhar was awesome in the previous movie. Going by the talks and the response of the film, guess Raghava would definitely do the next part too but this would be my last Kanchana film.

For me Kovai Sarala was the saving grace, horror and comedy were added too much. Raghava, thanks to the success of Kanchana got to know what audience loved in the film. Comedy at least was okay but horror was badly dealt with. You don’t scare people so many times, it’ll become norm then. There was definitely not even an ounce of attempt to have a story line and induce horror in it. It was about having a gory flash back, which again didn’t appeal here. Add to it few Adult jokes, glamour and Kovai Sarala. Tapsee looked ravishing and extremely fit, especially the white t shirt scene where she experiences ghost first. I was amazed with Nithya Menon’s performance, how much difference could she show in two movies. April 17 would be a date to remember for her.

Kanchana 2 is like cheap liquor but it servers its purpose. Jim Beam or XXX rum, it’s all the same after a couple of rounds. Isn’t it.


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