Movie Review – Court

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Court has one of the brilliant opening sequence. When you see a super dark man close up for first 15 minutes, followed by song which you’d never hear on a normal day. More than the close ups what’s special is all the frames are empty at first and then we see this man Narayan Kamble (Vira Sathidar) walking into the frame. Apart from that most of the scenes were taken on location and rest were made to look like one. I’m not sure how the director managed to rope in some many actors who were able to emote perfectly as if they were in streets and plays and theatres.


Best part of the movie was the anger. So much angst. It’s as if a dynamo being wrapped up in nice gift paper. You see when Vinay Arora (Vivek Gombler) goes to the police station and checks for FIR, the inspector tells about certain stuff and asks the lawyer for chai but treats the other fellow in a low way.

Court talks about various classes of people. We think that it’d follow Kamble but once he gets into jail, the film starts to follow Vinay’s life. A high class do-gooder who helps Kamble get bail, works for passion, rich enough to afford wines, go to bars and enjoy jazz music. This is the guy I could relate more to. At first I thought he’s going to be like those Brahmin prototypes who goes against Brahmin but when his part gets over we hardly get to know whether he really was interested or doing it for fun.

Next part is about the lady Nutan (Geetanjali Kulkarni). A middle class phenomenon. As soon as she goes out of the court, you see her talking about dresses and dinner with the lady next to her in train, work for family, do homework for kids, outing with family etc. She even goes as far to say that people like Kamble should be put in jail for 20 years so that there wouldn’t be any problem.

Last part is that of the Judge Sadarvate (Pradeep Joshi). Funniest and the most powerful of the lot. He who is hailed as a sharp judge goes for a family outing. He starts off with a prayer with coconuts and suggests to the parent of mute child to use gems to see if there is any relief. Remember he’s the same guy who wouldn’t allow a case to proceed when a woman in sleeveless attire tries to appeal.

Actors couldn’t get brilliant than that. Not these 4 people but also the wife of deceased who gets a long shot. Brilliant, brilliant acting by her.

Because we don’t see any of them discussing about Kamble once they are out of the court. Court is the one place which binds all these people. Court in short is the country. Judges being the people with highest power. After recommending remedies for the mute guy he finally gives a slap when being disturbed out of his sleep in the last scene and goes back to sleep again. Even though a lot of kids prank him it’s only the mute guy who gets the slap. If you didn’t get the slap in the face then you probably haven’t got the film tries to say.


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