Movie Review – Oh Kadhal Kanmani

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Only few movies could make you happy and give that content feeling when go out of the movie theatre. It was a special feeling when I watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. With ‘Oh Kadhal Kanmani’ I got a feeling not about how to be happy in life but it was about how to be happy in love. It was so happy that you don’t feel like a man with three heart attacks had made this film.

oh kadhal kanmani

Oh Kadhal Kanmani makes you want to fall in love. With Alaipayuthey it was the opposite. It’s not like ‘Before Sunrise’ where you think it’s okay to do anything if you find your love but it’s more like a film where you think you can convince your parents when you find your love. That lovely conversation where Dulquer explains about his live in relationship to Prakash Raj. It’s all so lovely. You can’t single out a scene. You don’t know which one to select. Every scene supersedes the other with its exuberance.

Dulquer was as usual charming and chirpy but didn’t make me sit up and notice what he has done. His role was more like a man being selected for seeing his performances similar to the expectation of director. It looked like Maniratnam would have seen him in films where he plays these kind of chirpy roles and booked him. Nithya menon on the other hand was totally awesome. Every move of her made me sit and be awed by her.

The opening was fabulous with a gaming sequence. It makes us curious as to why Mr. Mani Ratnam had invested so much in animation for this film. The result of which you’ll eventually get to know. Ok Kanmani does what Kochadayan couldn’t do in three years. And you have to give it to Vairamuthu for his wordplay which was the foreplay of the film. Kara… aata kara could mean both the player as well as play boy.

There were scenes reminding of Alaipayuthey of course but it won’t be like he had kept it just for the sake of it. The opening train scene where Aadhi curses Tara, the bus scene where he sits behind her and their first fight which she notes down in her phone were similar to the Alaipayuthey scenes where Shalini looks out for Madhavan, the ‘hey pondati’ scene and the calendar marking scene but everything was so organic. It just eases into the film. And that scene where Tara says, “Azuvathae Kanmani nu solu Aadhi” just melted my heart. You know you laugh and cry at the same moment for some time but you don’t know why. That’s how it was. Mani, you beauty.

Oh Kadhal Kanmani must be one on of the brightest films of Maniratnam. He of course does his share of work with the lightings especially in Ganapathy’s (Prakash Raj) home when Aadhi first enters, paranthu selava song and all but this film comes like a breath of fresh air, an early morning sunrise when you just wake up and don’t feel tired at all. It was like that. Fresh and futuristic.

Mani’s movies are generally well written. This too especially was very well written. You don’t feel like even a single scene to be artificial. The scene where Tara calls her mother asking about Aadhi and he telling his side of the story at the same time was the best scene in the movie. You can’t guess who’s telling the truth. It was beautiful. Without critically analyzing my favorite scene would be the one just before interval where Tara escapes out of the house, pulls him towards her and bites his cheek. Romance, oh boy, Romance that is.

If I had one complaint about the writing it must be the usage of term, ‘live in’. I can understand that the film is about live in relationship but why would someone mention the term so many times where they are living together. Even though whenever it was mentioned it didn’t make me feel awkward but still so many times? Seriously? And if there is one scene which I didn’t like it was when Tara thinks for a minute to sit on the bike. In spite of me not liking the scene, as a standalone scene it still worked. That’s the specialty of it.

When it rains it rains hard here and makes us feel queasy. Especially when you have that heavy close up in Bhavani (Leela Samson) amma’s face you immediately feel sad for her. Art of film making. The climax sequence where it rains and the conversation and the uneasy feeling whenever Tara walks out of the car. All were brilliantly done. As we had already seen certain scenes similar to Alaipayuthae Mani makes us feel even Tara would get into accident like her. Thankfully she doesn’t. The whole sequence was as brilliant as the kids’ part in Kadal.

It was also good to see Prakash Raj in such calm role, their romance being built up smoothly, and the climax part where these couple see through from their window, one generation to other, how much love has changed. It was beautiful. I thought the marriage could have been avoided but may be what my friend said was right. May be Mani Ratnam thinks that our generation is yet to get into live in relationship.

I have never been a great fan of Mr. Mani Ratnam, yes I have loved his ‘Chennai’ movies like Anjali, Mouna Ragam etc but with Oh Kadhal Kanmani he has started his second innings in Mumbai. Hope his ‘Mumbai’ movies fascinate me now like how his ‘Chennai’ movies did.  With this I can call what people who adore him call, Mani sir!

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