Movie Review – Margarita With A Straw

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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This must be one of the best titles for a movie in recent time. Totally tells what the movie is about. There was an article about this movie, the trailer to be precise which had Kalki Koechlin sipping margarita with a straw. The article was about how deformity was handled in a different way. I was thinking about watching this movie right from that time.

margarita with a straw

The opening of the movie was beautiful with Revathi riding a Little Miss sunshine Volkswagen type of van with her two sons and husband taking the back seat. She indeed is the lady driving the family. Her husband plays a second fiddle. But that doesn’t mean that he is henpecked under her thumb. Just that she takes the onus on her.

We get to see Kalki Koechlin at last, smiling her usual quirky smile. You get to know about her deformity only after sometime but she’s part of a happier lot. Her dad sings, he has a ‘boyfriend’ in college who shows her how there is a girl who shows her skin. The opening indeed was beautiful. Then it delves into regular factors like sympathy, insecurity, society etc. which I must say was handled quite maturely. But it would have been better if the movie had been happy like how it started.

The movie rather takes a turn towards her sexual experiences. Something new that has been done. It was better than the way how the mute girls’ story was handled in Babel. May be Margarita with Straw means something. Drinks not being something which everyone take and that too with a straw. May be the margarita is her sexual experience and straw is her. Something which doesn’t go together.

Every single actor was brilliant. Revathi was fab taking care of Kalki, the Pakistani girl whom I first couldn’t find out to be blind was brilliant too. Singh was terrific with what little screen space he gets. But the highest mark would go to that kid who was so damn brilliant be it kidding about her sisters’ boyfriend, or asking his dad to stop singing, or using torch light at night or the best when he handles the remote after his mother dies. That faint little smile in the midst of sadness was so natural.

When you watch these type of films it takes a while to get used to forget the image and accept the actor as the character. And that gets increasingly tough when you haven’t watched trailer or any other scenes before the film. But Kalki Koechlin immediately makes us forget that she is Kalki and makes us remember her as Laila but we can’t help but adore Kalki for being Laila.

In spite of the film being good on a whole, the climax steals the show. Kalki for some reason looks unnaturally pretty. I know her kind of pretty but she was beautiful here. Especially in the climax in that orange dress. Even though I guessed the climax it still was fabulous. Whoever did make up for Kalki, kudos!


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