Movie Review – Haridas

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Haridas was good, but it was one of those movies which could have been a lot better. I’m not understanding why when a movie deals with abnormality it always has to evoke sympathy. It could be made like ‘Black’, which gave a new dimension to deformity, but that’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali for you. On the other hand even he too failed in Guzaarish. I started feeling bad for Hrithik Roshan after some time. Similar examples are Anjali, a gem by Mani Ratnam and The Diving Bell and Butterfly. In fact of all the movies The Diving Bell could be used as a comparison because that is one movie which talks about deformity and not society.


Haridas tries to talk about deformity, delves into society ends up growing as nothing. The flashback thing was a total put off. It was totally needless. It could have started with Haridas’ father doing an encounter. In fact that was a confusing scene. I don’t know whether that happened for everyone or just for me. The opening scene looked severely staged, my first thought was that it was a drama that he was acting in, second was that it was a short film but it turned out to be reality. I appreciate the fact that the movie involved a crime story in one end and the story about Haridas in another. That’s a new treatment but when you do it just for the sake of it, it shows.

Kishore was so comfortable in tough guy’s role but the same couldn’t be said about the scenes where he had to emote to his child. But look how effortless was Dhileban’s mother. She says, “Hari kutti, Vanthutiya ma. Unakaga than amma evalo neram kathutu irunthaen”, gives him the invitation and gets a free ride to her house. Perfect middle class sentiment. She wanted to give the invitation to Sivadas (Haridas) as well as ride back home.

All the comic undertones were a drag. Soori was seriously irritating, be it his romance scenes or the scenes with his police friends. Then there was the scene were Hari gets lost for a moment, before interval which was sure shot flop. If the villain had taken him it’d have been regular stuff, if he had not then the scene would have been ended up to be one where audience gets cheated. That’s what happened there.

Music again didn’t appeal much. The first song about police and their tyranny had decent lyrics, great thinking but it should have been a song like ‘kanadasan karaikudi’ but ended up to be a really nothing song.

Sneha again was a disappointment. The scenes involving the kids were the only good point of movie and the ones with Sneha and Kishore were decent. Sneha’s scene with anyone else didn’t work at all, especially the scenes with her sister were absolute disaster. Till how long you are going to show siblings like that. If you had learnt ‘love’ or not from Alaipayuthey or from any other Mani’s movies I don’t know but see the way he handles siblings. For kids you have Anjali and Kanathil Muthamital, for adults you have Alaipayuthey. It was perfect. But here all you see is plasticky sibling relationship.

The kid too could have done a lot better. Especially in the scene outside the planetarium, he runs like a normal person, he doesn’t keep his hand like how he used too. These are the things that should have been corrected then and there.

Towards the end the needless killing of Dhileban was quite irritating. In spite of all these flaws the film was watchable. But I don’t know why it’s being praised so much, is it just because it’s a message film? If so let’s not. Its sends a wrong message to next generation art lovers.


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