Movie Review – Birdman

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Only few movies get you hooked right from the first to last, of those few movies would only could get you hooked in spite of the Oscars, of the lot, the movie that would continue to carry on its awesomeness in spite of lot of people telling that it’d be good would be even fewer in number. Birdman is one such movie. Glad that I didn’t watch in theatres. It’d have been very tough to sit till the end of the titles just to hear the drums. The cleaning personnel’s would be looking as if I had been eating half their salary.


Birdman is a master piece from any which ways. I had least expectations from someone like Inarritu. I knew he was good but with Biutiul I thought he had exhausted himself after the death trilogy. One of my friends during my initial years of film viewing when I had already watched Inarritu had suggested that Babel and co. as the movies that I’d like, like how I liked Hitchcock. Meaning its more plot oriented and less philosophical. Not a great way to treat him, definitely not a great way to treat me too. Babel was my first movie of his and it was a gem. After that Inarritu himself couldn’t meet the expectations he set with Babel. The same could be said about Amores Perros, depending on which one you watch first.

Biutiful as everyone knew looks like a series of continuous shots, the cuts are almost impossible to find. If you definitely want to do that you can go ahead spoil your movie viewing experience and do it. Michael Keaton does a Jack Nicholson here. There were so many instances where I was reminded of Nicholson. Is that only me? I don’t think so. In the climax when it was implied that he has shot his nose and has a bandage around his nose. Was that not a tribute to Chinatown. Not every time does an actor come up with his nose bandaged. Well, it could still be to get the birds’ nose for real. Just saying.

It was nice to watch this film after performing live on stage. When Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) rejects an actor for being so bad and Mike Shiner (Edward Norton) instead of him, I honestly couldn’t find out why he rejected the first. Edward was of course awesome. But what the first guy did too was equally good. In fact the fight between Riggan and Mike was a treat to watch. That guy indeed was fabulous on stage.

But the best of the lot was Samantha (Emma Stone), that one minute monologue after her dad spots her off grass was a treat to watch. It was even the more special when he takes the joint, smokes his hand one the first instant, again takes the joint and smokes. Riggan is that sort of guy, who could never accept his time is over.

He has this little bird guy who calls after him, he does his nice little ‘telekinesis’ and remains famous even after the release of his famous Birdman series years before. It is like how Pierce Brosnan would be the one who’d come to mind first when thinking of Bond. There is a spot of ridicule, a spot of sympathy, a spot of dejection when talking about birdman. When you do this superhero characters you would rarely be associated with anything else after that. Riggan lives in that kind of dilemma. He wants to get rid of birdman image. He wants Riggan to be known as Riggan but with time Bird Man gets better of him.

The twitter handle, media, Facebook and all were nice little gig on us. But how much he meant, only he knows because even during the monologue I wasn’t sure whether the joke is on Riggan or Samantha or us. This thing he does it with élan throughout the movie. Because throughout the movie we are juxtaposed with our thoughts, feelings etc. This is what I didn’t expect out of Inarritu. I was sure that technical brilliance was something I could associate with someone like Inarritu, it’s in him. But birdman is like what happens to Chitti after he gets feelings. There could be a lot that could be talked about Birdman. It’s more like a film where when one mentions a scene, you say ya that was brilliant and claim it to be the best scene, only to be overcome by the same you when the next one says about another scene which you’d have liked even better. That would happen every single time for every single scene. Because it’s a film with continuous shot you can’t single out a scene and would like only the whole film. Is that the ultimate intention of Inarittu? Even if not, he has achieved the ultimate.

Even though the level of despondence increases with the movie for Riggan and the opposite happens to us, it reaches the epitome during the climax, only during the climax. I’m sure many of you out there would have grinned when Samantha looks through the door and smiles.


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