Movie Review – Deool

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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This movie was quite unplanned. And unplanned is awesome. It’s a great feel when you watch a movie not knowing a thing about it. It was somewhat spoilt when the introduction was given. I understood it to be in the kind of Bruce Almighty where a person would come as god but thanks to my misunderstanding I was able to enjoy the movie better.


Set in a rustic rural background, this is a story about a villager who sees god and what happens because of that. The films credits rolls on with sand art? What’s special in that? Nothing. But does it look good? Yes. When he sees god in his dreams he sees is like a kind of sand art. The illusion he gets is like that of the opening scene in Persona. Not that classy but somehow it reminded me of that scene.

Throughout the film we see barrenness. Till infinity we wouldn’t be able to see any tree whatsoever. Those landscape shots were similar to that of Kiarotsami’s Taste of Cherry. But whenever we see either the protagonist Girish Kulkarni or Anna (Dilip Prabhawalkar) sitting alone with those barren landscape we don’t see them suffering the heat or sun. I’m not sure whether it was intentional. I would have liked if they had been sweatier and lighting had been harsh like Varumayin Niram Sivappu where Kamal would always wince whenever he walks outdoors.

Satire comes out of anger but when I saw Deool I thought it should have shown more anger by being more powerful. When Karunakaran becomes a politician in Soodhu Kavvum and stars in ‘ellam kadanthu pogumada’ song we feel so angry. We feel like slapping him. In fact the whole of Soodhu Kavvum had an angry undertone. Deool being a satire should’ve had that much anger inside it.

The best part of the movie must be the music. It was top notch. As good as Gangs of Wasseypur. Complete nativity. Every song was nice and balanced, especially the last song. Even the item song had great music and was shot really well.

If I had to change one thing about the movie I’d have liked to have the final scene as the one where the false idol is placed and the shutter is put down, as a mark of God being jailed. It’d have been even stronger. I’m not sure whether the scene where idol floats in water meant something. An idle is supposed to be heavier and should have immersed right?

I’m not generally a fan of intervals, an Indian concept but it worked for this movie, even though the film didn’t have an actual interval. Till interval point the movie was kind of jarring, it could have been made crisper but post interval as soon as the temple gets opened the pace picked up and was fabulous.

Special mention to Naseeruddin Shah for making a blink and a miss appearance. Not sure how the director had the guts to cast him. Nana Patekar as usual was fabulous, especially all his naughty scenes with his wife Vahini (Sonali Kulkarni), it was good to see her too after a long time almost a couple of decades, after May Madham.


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