Movie Review – Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Good triumphs! alright, but at the cost of?

Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Sometime back, I had met my friend who introduced me to films. He who was criticizing every single film, loving, hating, adoring movies was like a saint who was clueless what’s going to be next. When I saw Prithviraj with grey hairs at the start of the movie that was the feel I got. A totally dejected man who couldn’t be described in words. He walks from darkness to light, that was a nice heroic intro. But our man here is neither worried about light nor about the darkness. He operates a child without her parents’ consent. The child dies, the father being a politician with criminal records he creates ruckus and wreaks havoc the capital.

Once Prithviraj gets into accident we get to know about his life through a series of flashback. It was alright to not have a definite point where the flashbacks happen but at times it was confusing whether it was past or present. With a movie like Inception it would, in fact it would add to the beauty. But an emotional movie like this one needs to be clear.

If one man who nails the character perfectly its Prithviraj. The way he carries his cool during college, the next stage where he becomes an intern and the maturity in final part, everything is defining. I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of this guy. I’m not sure why there were so many heroines in the movie. But during the college intro song it was a pleasure to see so many Mallu beauties. There is a thing about Malayali girls isn’t it. In fact that was the only moment in the movie I was genuinely happy. Rest of all the moments I was tensed whether something wrong is going to happen.

Prithviraj is an unlucky guy but not the Mahanadi type where we could cry for him every time but like how a normal unlucky guy would be. He gets into trouble with the police inspector. Don’t know what’s with this Malayalam movies and the hatred towards police. First Driyam and now this, of the two I have watched. It could be the only two movies to feature such a story line too. I don’t know. Another thing I like about Malayalam movies it’s the only film industry which is not Hindu based. Not that there aren’t any other cast characters in Tamil or Hindi film industry but whenever other cast characters happen it becomes iconic. Be it a Basha or Jessie or Antony etc. But here Sainu is a girl who falls in love with Prithviraj. That’s that. We won’t remember her name after that.

The way the marriage doesn’t happen and Prithviraj’s helplessness after her dad takes her, when the police officer asks him to go back to the queue was very well made. The scene where he rejects treatment for the girl was brilliant. It even puts us into confusion whether we should support Prithviraj or Kalabavan Mani. I ended up supporting Prithviraj, that’s purely due to Kalabavan Mani’s villainy. What a brilliant actor he is.

When the chief doctors PA sees the expiry date problem in the medicines I thought the movie is going to take a turn like that of Samurai but thankfully it didn’t. Samurai flashback was heavy for me. But this film was heavier than that. Even though there is a nice love angle, friendship factor with all the ragging going on. At the back of the mind there is always that thing about Prithviraj’s insecurity that pricks our heart.

The climax was brilliant. Everyone who would’ve been sitting stiff would’ve relaxed finally after the climax. Malayalam films are really good with their twist endings. But I’d definitely like to have their music improved. Not even a single song was impressive. In fact the songs were dragging the movie back.

This movie could have gone over the top at any moment, easily heroism could have been induced, easily negativity could have been pushed but nothing unnatural happens. Even after the end you can’t judge whether the decision of treating the patient is right or wrong.

Doctors were considered as good before. But hearing about all the news nowadays the trust has fallen. This movie gives a little bit of hope but deep down there is so many things happening. I’m once again going to end it in a familiar way. Ignorance was a bliss!


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