Movie Review – Ankhon Dekhi

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Ankhon Dekhi is an experience. An experience which one has to experience oneself, to be seen through their own eyes. Ankhon Dekhi is a kind of film if you watch in theatres you don’t want to go home immediately, you don’t want to talk about to your friend who has come you, a kind of film if you watch at home you don’t want to get out of the room you watched, you want that void, the void where you could feel every single particle around you, you don’t want that last Sitar or Veena piece to end, the time you understand Hindustani, the time you understand love, the time you understand death, the time you want to die but yet you can’t because you’re not yet Bauji.

ankhon dekhi

Who said you need LSD to get out of the body experience. You can get it through Ankhon Dekhi. I know I’m going to post this review but I don’t want to. Once Allen replied to some question, it was about a play writer. He said that the play writer feels, “why should I make this to production, why couldn’t I just write it and throw it off in my desk.” Even I’d want to do that. But I know that people are gonna watch this film, at least a couple of people because of my post. Generally I don’t intend people to watch the films I recommend. I stopped recommending films since I watched Taxi Driver. I can’t let them have my experience. But this one film I want everyone to watch but I won’t say so. I still won’t recommend. Everyone should watch at some point of time, through some means, but it has to happen. Shouldn’t happen through me.

I knew for sure that I’m going to cry for the movie. I did so. It has become a habit now. I’ve started getting involved too much of characters. With a short film I made being released just now, for the first five minutes when the titles were flashing I was looking at the camera work, the angles. I lost track of it as soon as that moving shot of one room to other got over, the scene where Bauji feeds his daughter. I thought I’d mention about how she rejects the food but says she eats it because she is hungry and not because it tasted good. I thought I’ll show how intelligent I’m.

But what’s intelligence if you have not lived your life. Even life has become so literal nowadays. Life’s biggest pleasures are jumping out plane and diving inside water. What about love. What about sex. What about keeping your mouth shut when you want to. What about talking what you wanted to. What about relishing the food that you eat daily. Sujatha once in his ten commandments said that, respect your parents. It should be added to the bucket list. Why is bunking classes and doing the odd thing always a fad. Why can’t we live like our father whose only aim is to save for their children? Trust me, normal is overrated.

I think there was a program called as Ankhon Dekhi in Doordarshan before, used to come along with Aaj Tak or something. A lady with loud make up used to talk about world affairs. The promo was people getting beaten up, a man setting himself ablaze. It was so depressing. It is some program you don’t want your kid to watch. Better to sleep off after Junoon. Life would be so simple.

This movie could have been easily made in Linklater style, Bauji could be shown a genius. But what’s the point. You won’t love him. There are lot of stages where he could have jumped from a normal person to the sanest person. I thought the movie would take a U-turn when the boy who keeps talking stops talking, but it doesn’t. I thought it’d be anticlimax when the gambler asks Bauji to come and play. It doesn’t.

I loved that girl. She comes and sits there like that in the bed. From where did that kissing scene come? It beat Band Baja Baraat. If Band Baja was about lighting, effects, mood. This was about life. I mean you need to have that kissing scene. If she would have gone out without kissing him it’d have been so unfair. What would have the censor board said if they had had to cut the scene. How to prove them the scene has to be there. Nothing phenomenal is gonna happen if the scene isn’t there but it has to be there. Do you even get it?

What about the motif, the inner story, the idiosyncrasies. What about why Bauji was like Bauji. What about the movie. What is it trying to say? What I my trying to say. What I’m trying to say is watch the movie, live your life. But why would you want to listen to me. Listen to yourself. Be sad. Be very Sad!

  1. rajat kapoor says:

    how lovely is your review.. :))

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