Book Review – Victory

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Book Reviews
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Victory gives you a feeling of riding in an uneven terrain but still loving it. ‘Uneven’ was the first word which struck me when I thought of this book. It starts like a period story, like ‘There will be Blood’, talks about a coal, a lot of time. My initial assumption was that it’s going to be about trade. After reading a few pages about Heyst and his friend or colleague, Mr. Morrison. I got to an assumption that this book is not about the trade but about the trader. I was right, partially but it didn’t come from anyone’s point of view but. I thought Mr. Morrison would talk in the entire book about Heyst.


The story is told from various point of view. Heyst talks, Schomberg talks, then there is Ricardo, what a character he is. In fact Ricardo is the one who evokes interest in us and engages us with his fine bit of casualism. His love for Gentleman Jones cannot be explained in words. It’s not like anything you’d have read before. Remember Frances McDormand asking locals about Steve Buscemi in Fargo where the locals describe him as ‘weird guy’. What kind of weird I that? Don’t know just weird. That’s the kind of gentleman Mr. Gentleman Jones is.

After Schomberg tells about all his plans to corner Heyst because Lena had gone out with him. We start pitying Heyst. Because I for one didn’t think that Lena would also turn against Heyst. But the love angle between Ricardo and Lena was quite funny. Looked more like a black comedy to me. He reminded me so much of Buscemi.

I’d have preferred the climax to be a little different. With Jones and Heyst joining hands I thought it became pretty old house. Even though that’s what I wanted to happen.

Victory has many interpretations, about the theme, the motifs etc. In fact the very title Victory is not directly associated to story but it’s about the freedom of the soul and stuff. I liked Victory for its style and nothing else. Some deep down analysis will definitely help to understand Victory better, in an organic sense.

  1. Love Conrad, but have never read this one. Thanks for sharing! I think I’m going to have to give it a shot. If you’re ever interested in some other awesome book reviews and musings, be sure to follow! Thanks!

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