Book Review – Carry On, Jeeves

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Book Reviews
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It was a pleasure to read Wodehouse after such a long time. I still remember being recommended a Wodehouse book, The Inimitable Jeeves I guess, a long time before to improve my English. That was a time I was pondering over more than half the sentence, about the meaning it. Whereas now it was sheer pleasure. Rather than wanting to get something from the book. Isn’t it why we ought to read Wodehouse.

carry on jeeves

This book could have been finished in a day when I was travelling but again I didn’t want to end the book hurriedly just for the sake of it, when its giving so much pleasure, why not extend it to one more day.

What I thought to be a novel, wasn’t one. Rather a collection of short stories. I generally don’t pick up short stories as there isn’t any time for the characters to develop but here as we travel along with Bertie Wooster and Jeeves we don’t have that problem.

In fact when you take the stories it’s as simple as an engagement, about a kid, about a school etc. But the way it was written was pure genius. To quote, there is one awesome paragraph, “did you ever tread on your partners dress at a dance – I’m speaking now of the days when women wore dresses long enough to be trodden on – and hear it rip and see her smile at you like an angel and say, “Please don’t apologize. It’s nothing,” and then suddenly meet her clear blue eyes and feel as if you had stepped on the teeth of a rake and had the handle jump up and hit you in the face. Well, that’s how Freddie’s Elizabeth looked.”

I mean this is how you write humor right. It shouldn’t be forced. It should ooze out of you. Wodehouse is a master of it. I mean Mark Twain too has an impeccable humor quotient but what you get with Jeeves is, Oh-man-this-dude-is-a-genius kind of humor. Thus I’m a bigger fan of Wodehouse.

You have Bertie going against one of Jeeves wishes, be it tie or silk shirt or anything for that matter and in the climax rewarding Jeeves by accepting what he has said. Even though this happens in almost every chapter you don’t hate the content. It just adds to the cuteness quotient.

After loving all the chapters the icing on the cake was the last chapter, written from Jeeves point of view. The explanation Jeeves gives on how to handle a boss like Wooster was brilliant.

  1. Disha says:

    Perhas, the best collection of short stories ever written

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