Book Review – Oru Ilakkiyavaadhiyin Kalaiyulaka Anubavangal

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Book Reviews
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You don’t read a biography of a person you don’t know. You definitely don’t read a biography of a person whose works you haven’t adored or at least read. With Oru Ilakkiyavaadhiyin Kalaiyulaka Anubavangal I broke all my prejudiced prenotions about reading a biography. Sometime back I started with Obama’s biography. Stupid idea that. I neither know this man nor do I adore him but with Jayakanthan at least I’ve heard high praise for this guy even though I haven’t read or know anything about him. This happens with some people. It’s like love at first sight. You can’t explain it.

Oru Ilakkiyavaadhiyin Kalaiyulaka Anubavangal

Best thing about Jayakanthan is his honesty. Here Jayakanthan was not just being honest, he was being brutally honest. He calls himself an angry young man. And truly so. Look at the way he loves what he’s doing and how he hates the rest. It’s brutal alright not even a bit foolish. Woody Allen definitely wouldn’t have classified him as pseudo intellect.

Moreover I loved the way he has lived his life. In his own way. There wasn’t a mention about poverty, money, food etc. Doesn’t mean that he was living with all riches. I’m sure he definitely would have been poor as he had no formal education. But the point is money (read as not having money) didn’t play a major factor in shaping up his life. It’s not how like Vikram talks so much about his past where he suffered. Nothing wrong with that. We could empathize with him. But I found Vijay Sethupathi’s way of dealing with the struggle more fascinating. I loved that clarity. When he was asked, how he coped up with the struggle. He answered, “I don’t consider it a struggle. It took me 7 years to learn cinema. Some might learn early. For me it took time.”

Of all, I loved his narration the most. He initially hates cinema and drama but does things related to it. In the penultimate chapter he explains why he continues to do things he said he hated initially. That’s how it happens in life. You want something and you end up thinking whether it was really worth it if you get it, if you don’t you’d be think your life how good it’d have been if you had got what you wanted. He doesn’t give you philosophy like this. But rather tells why he had to what he didn’t like and in the end how it didn’t matter all.

Oru Ilakkiyavaadhiyin Kalaiyulaka Anubavangal also evoked interest in me to know more about Tamil Nadu politics. Very basic facts like why Kannadasan didn’t write most of MGR’s lyrics was known to me only recently. His congress connection and what type of person he was and all was explained here. There was a lot of mention about authors he adored. Not sure how many of them are famous but being famous wasn’t a criteria for him to adore.

Jayakanthan has lived a full filling life. How an artist ought to live his life. Not only did he make a fan of his writing through this book but also gave me a whole lot of inspiration to face all the idiosyncrasies of life.


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