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Posted: January 15, 2015 in Movie Reviews
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Every time a Vikram movie releases I end up in a dilemma whether I should give an honest review of what I thought about the movie or I should just go by a fan boy review. Why couldn’t the movie be so awesome so that I could boast about the movie? It did happen with David yes, which was fabulous but I was shouting to an empty crowd in that case. Hardly anyone saw that movie and even the people who saw weren’t able to understand the ingenuity in it. Not a problem but you want your favorite actor to succeed. Vikram is the only guy who I could still have an unconditional love for. It’s great to have at least one such actor as such without my cynical views affecting it. I hope I don’t lose it.

Vanga di en kupura kozhigala

Vanga di en kupura kozhigala

I thought ‘I’ will solve the problem big time. I thought I’ll be spellbound. I thought I’ll watch ‘I’ again and again. After a couple of watching I was satisfied but I wasn’t spellbound like how I was when I watched Anniyan. Anniyan was epic. Comparisons between Anniyan are bound to happen. You can’t ignore that. Same combo, similar budget, different looks etc. Everything augured well for the movie and thus the expectation was sky rocketing.

It was a pleasure to see Vikram on screen after a really long time. You see the Koonan character straight away. And the film is made in a non-linear way. Amy looks so damn sexy in Ladio. In fact she looks so awesome that you forgive all the dubbing mistakes she does. But she does get the lip sync right for her Chennai slang.

The first part where Vikram acts as a body builder where he matches inch by inch with the professionals was a treat to watch. He gets everything right there. The emotions, the slang, the attitude everything. The way he asks ‘ponsership’ from the doctor, the way reacts to Amy’s sexy body comment, the attitude in front of the other body builders. Everything was terrific. During the Mr. Tamil Nadu selection he flexes his muscle with a smiling face and only during the third round where he has to dance for ‘Azeemo shah’ he strikes the perfect pose. With the ‘Marjava…’ background and camera moving on top of him. It was a goose bumps moment. That was followed by his muscle twitching and the raising two people on the bar which was epic. ‘Vanga di en kupura kozhigala…’ Attitude!

Next is his model look. If you thought Vikram looked awesome. Wait for it! He looks even better in the next part. The sequences of him with the transgender were a laugh riot. Music again was awesome. But that’s the part where seriousness was missing with both the romance, with Amy as well as with Osma. It was superficial and plastic. If not for Vikram those scenes would have gone worse. But the Kamal act and the way he turns to director after he says cut got one of the loudest cheer in theatre.

Next one where he gets everyone’s sympathy is the Koonan character. We all know that he’ll be awesome and he does that too. When the first time he meets doctor after getting disfigured was the scene where everyone feels pity on him. Regular Shankar template. Make everyone feel pity on the lead character so whatever he does you support him. It’s the same here too. But not as strong as his Indian or Mudhalvan. Even Anniyan’s flashback wasn’t strong but he managed with screenplay. Screenplay here was the biggest blunder. In fact in ‘I’ everyone does there job perfectly other than Shankar. That’s the reason the product was good in spite of a weak storyline.

The Shankar magic which you expect happens only during Koonan’s last revenge. Once audience get to know what really happened Koonan gets the maximum applause while trying to kill John. This magic should have happened throughout the movie and in the end everyone were expecting something like Anniyan climax but again it wasn’t up to the mark. Only if these things had been rectified things could have been even better.

If you have noticed, by the time Koonan meets Amy in the first scene he shows all the villains. And editing was really crisp. Add to it music was top notch. After a long time Rahman does a good job. The various style in which he used the songs as BGM was terrific. Especially Mersalayitaen. Best was the theme music he uses during fights. Both the body building scene and the China fight. Also the music for title cards was terrific. Only it could have been used more. But Rahman should really stop using the just the songs and two, three tracks in the movie. Music isn’t travelling along with the film.

With ‘I’ they definitely have a hit on cards but what we wanted was ‘athukum mela’.


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