Movie Review – PK

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Aamir Khan knows what he’s doing. Remember the scene in Luck By Chance where he completes his scene and goes to see how the scene has come in the camera. That’s the kind of guy he is who wants to take command of his film. Rajkumar Hirani is the perfect director for him. In an age where everyone is busy making movies with negative character and villainous prototypes here is a guy who makes movies where good win over the evil without making it cheesy.


Aamir Khan having said that he’s is not going to act for the next two years does a wise job here. PK acts as an extension of Satyameva Jayate which is very close to his heart. Rajkumar Hirani too is a kind of director who makes it a point to make movies which has social messages and does that well too.

PK is a kind of film that you don’t want anything to know about before watching the movie. But I checked the movie name as Peekay which gave me a clue about the movie. Loved the way the posters were made for the film. The first poster with Aamir standing nude with a transistor was brilliant. It created enough curiosity to be interested in the movie.

PK has a brilliant supporting cast. Sanjay Dutt and Shashank’s role too were tailor made for their role. Shashank is quite brilliant. Does whatever is necessary and nothing extra than that. Thus not spoiling the film. Anushka after her lip job looks weird but does a fine job for her role. And all Rajkumar Hirani regulars too do their job quite well.

Music was a disappointment. Sonu Nigam sings his heart out but sadly reminds us of Jaane Nahi but doesn’t touch that peak. In fact every time you hear Sonu Nigam’s voice it reminds you of Jaane Nahi.

When it comes to the film the template is same. Camera angles, cuts even music reminds you of his previous films so much, mainly 3 idiots. The initial church scene was guessable but that forms the main crux of the climax. I wasn’t much impressed with Aamir’s love angle but I liked the way it ended.

Loved all the digs of society but it wasn’t a whole hearted laugh. I was just happy for people laughing in theatres. The only scene where I genuinely laughed is when Aamir says that if people know that he’s an ET they’ll dissect him. You ought to compare this film with 3 idiots. No other go, that’s the standard which Hirani has set but 3 idiots was perfect and easy to make. Anything against our education system people, especially youth will love it as we all have undergone a lot but to make a film like PK is tough. PK was wholesome even though it wasn’t as awesome as 3 Idiots.

One thing about the climax. PK becomes the center of attraction of the whole society, then how would media let him go in peace to his planet without any coverage whatsoever. That was the only thing I found confounding.

Nevertheless it was a satisfying film.

  1. Sathesh Kumar says:

    What’s happening around us in the name of God from different religions is perfectly naratted and beyond that Hirani said in PK, perfect film to watch.

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