Movie Review – The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Just few minutes into the movie I got to know what all I missed watching this series at home. Never before have I seen so much clarity on screen and 3D too was used to the fullest, enhancing the necessary thrills needed for the movie. I never thought that I’d be a happy man to come out of the theatres because the previous two movies of the series were a disappointment. I was never expecting it to have a final like The Lord of the Rings, nevertheless it was a fitting finale. There isn’t anything to complain about the movie. This is the satisfaction one expects while coming out of the theatres watching a series final.


Having said that the clarity was top notch, the look and feel of the movie were so plasticky, never did I feel it while watching Lord of the Rings. I’m not sure whether I’ve started to watch more intently or it’s with everyone. May be if I watch Lord of the Rings again I’ll get to know better. Most of the long shot scenes or the scenes involving dwarves and hobbits (in short scenes involving short people) the background clearly looked like a miniature version zoomed out. And even in the rest of the scenes the characters were coming so close to us. 3D effect, yes but that wasn’t obscure in Avatar. Tintin on the other hand had the whole projection coming near us and I guess it’s easy to tweak an animation than a live action movie.

Enough of the technicality, about the movie, there were hardly a couple of scenes involving the ring, other than that it was an all-round performance. Never did it look like Bilbo being the hero. Even though he didn’t want to be a hero he was forced to be one in the previous ones but here he hardly does anything. In whatever little scenes he gets he gives the necessary human, read as hobbit, touch to the movie.

The movies view point in a way was funny. The orcs, dwarves, elves were all cunning or in pursuit of something. Humans except for the assistant of the master of Laketown were found to be the most pure ones among the rest. Now, that’s a welcome change from shouting for the people from Pandora against our very own kin.

Even though it’s a war movie and supposed to give us goose bumps throughout there were a couple of cute scenes between Gandalf and Bilbo, the pipe scene was top notch and so was the ring scene. For goose bumps, the elves coming into the frame while the dwarves were shielding the orcs was the best. Thorin’s idea of killing Azog by putting the wait on him got the deserved applause in theatre even though the attempt has failure. First James Bond started shedding some blood, super heroes started losing wary, bad became good, and now what epic becomes cheeky. Not that I complain though.

Having said that the final wasn’t as good of the Lord of the Rings still it shows us how Harry Potter could have ended. Even if it doesn’t end up to be the greatest of series finals it truly deserves to be a movie to be remembered for. I felt as sad as the juncture where Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader by wearing the mask in Star Wars final. If it happened with you too then this movie is a success.


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