Movie Review – Kaaviya Thalaivan

Posted: December 6, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Even before its release this film showed a lot of promise and thus evoked curiosity as well. Veyil was good from any angle for a new director. Of course he made Album which sank without a trace. I had a chance to watch various interviews of Vasantha Balan during Veyil times. I loved the film as soon as I came to know about the title ‘Veyil’ – so synonymous with Chennai. Veyil was produced by S pictures which had a success rate of 100 percent during those times. And the interviews Vasantha Balan cited how he went out of family and when he had come back everything was changed. I loved the perspective. Add to it Pasupathi was fabulous in his role modeled by Vasantha Balan himself.

Kaaviya thalaivan

What happened to Balan since then is a curious story. Veyil got acclaim as expected, then came Angadi Theru a tear jerker, of course a good film but made too famous by people who think they are the ones watching defining cinema of the current era. Calling it the best film of the year, how Saravana stores functions etc was little over the top. Anjali was fab of course; the best actress for low budget films but the actor, what’s his name. He was pathetic. Absolutely no emotions and too much melodrama. Everything looked so forced to me.

Then came Aravan which didn’t evoke curiosity at all thanks to the insipid cast and finally here is Kaaviya Thalaivan, made more famous because of AR Rahman. Siddharth who had a golden period this year gets to the helm of the film once again. Siddharth was the main reason for me to watch the movie. See the line up Jigarthanda, Kaviya Thalaivan and next Enakul Oruvan. That’s selection. In spite of everything the film proved to be a disappointment. Here’s why…

Siddharth first of all is a bad choice for the film. For an actor who wants to get into the skin of the character and not mere character he is a wrong choice. But my guess is Siddharth is the one who got everyone together so it’s not possible to make film without him. In a film about theatre your expressions got to be loud. Siddharth hardly has any screen presence. It’s a wonder how Siddharth could be so heroic in Rang De Basanthi. Jigarthanda is the perfect film for him, otherwise he has to do something on the lines of Boys. Here he is a disciple of Nasser who is disgusted by Ponvannan and has to appeal to us as a better actor than Prithiviraj. Last but not the least, two women fall in love because of his acting. Now that’s too much of an ask from Siddharth. Nothing against him, for even I’m a fan of Siddharth. But see the way he says dialogue to Genelia in Boys and here to Vedhika. It’s just the same. On the other hand look at Prithiviraj saying a ‘Jeichitiyae da’ monologue in front of a mirror. That is acting.

Nassar is well known for his acting. Ponvannan is one of the rare breed of actors whom you’ll hate to the core if he does negative role. It was ironic when Siddharth points out that he’s just ‘acting’ and not living his role. Off the stage he just has one seen. He smokes a beedi and comes to talk to Nasser. He nails it to perfection. Singampuli was the biggest surprise. Only he looked like a person and not an actor during that era.

If characters were not selected well, the characterization was even more horrible. The film at first place gives an illusion that it’s going to be thriller. It’s totally unnecessary to have had the film in flashback mode. Prithviraj is the only actor whose character develops fully. Nasser you see him at the start and dies in the middle. Siddharth’s role is very brittle. He acts, becomes a lover boy, then a rebel, finally dies off. In spite of having the maximum screen space he hardly does anything in the film. And the romance part is not at all executed well. Be it with a horrible Anaika Soli or a beautiful Vedhicka. Yarumilla, why did that song come there out of nowhere and she so easily gets pregnant. How did that happen? In dreams? Give at least some time for the romance to develop.

Anaika’s death which was supposed to be painful was anything but painful. Someone comes and says it to Siddharth and in spite of so much drama we hardly feel his pain. At least something with music could have been done at that point. Rahman was decent after a long time though. Songs like Aye Mr. Minor and Sandi Kuthirai were good, few BGM’s were good enough to make the story grip but the revolution part should have been elevated in a better way. At first place, it was needless but when you’ve decided to do why not do it full on. The revolution part seemed to have been inserted just for the sake of adding a gripping plot to an otherwise ego clash cum love story between two brothers.

Settings wasn’t great. Few basic things like title cards, drama stage were decent but other than that, the surroundings, importantly language weren’t followed properly. They didn’t take the risk of having much of an outdoor shoot like Madrasapatinam, which again is an over hyped film, but even with the indoors the feel could have been better.

Sadly Kaviya Thalaivan ends up being a film without drama.


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