Movie Review – Interstellar

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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If you had been to Sathyam you’d know how difficult it is to get the seats you prefer on the opening week of a much hyped film. I was lucky to get the last row seats for Interstellar in the first week of release, that itself is an achievement to be noted.


As expected the opinions were already formed before even the first show in Chennai. Facebook was flooding with ‘review from Dubai, review from Singapore’. In spite of avoiding Facebook for such a long time I couldn’t miss so many people mentioning about 12th standard physics book and various memes. Not a great spoiler because it was expected of a Nolan film.

Not sure whether it was a dream or I read it somewhere. Interstellar was mentioned as, ‘sequel to blockbuster.’ Such an apt description for him. No one could churn out continuous block busters like him. There are people who call him god and it’s a sin to call his movie bad in front of kids in 20s but he is a man with clear goal. Make a neat film which wouldn’t fail at any cost. Make science as a tool, put questions in audience mind, explain a few, leave a few to be found out and don’t even talk about the remaining few. No one has worked on the blockbuster formula better than him.

Interstellar wasn’t really my first choice.  I wasn’t dying to watch it like Inception or even like The Dark Knight Rises but I’m not so stone hearted to miss the film too. The posters at first place was such a turn off. People in space suit standing in knee deep water who seemed to be lost. That didn’t evoke much curiosity from me. They were staring at us. Wanting us to come and find out what’s it about.

When I set my foot in theatres to find out what’s it about I was in for a pleasant surprise. The film opened with normal people in normal world but the world is dying, slowly. Usually it’s an irritating context but the dying world was peaceful here. Everyone were aware that it’s going to die but they knew that they can’t help it. They live like retired individuals, just pass their day with whatever food they have. Whenever a blight happens they shut the door and get into their room. As simple as that. Blight is something like a sand storm, it’s enough if you know that.

The world is in need of farmers. Audience gave the highest applause for the dialogue, “the world needs farmers, not engineers.” How did Nolan decode our formula? Then the you see some Indian drone flying over Coopers field. Again applause by Indian audience. Nolan does an SRK here.

Even though short lived, Matthew McConaughey was as brilliant as he could get. Nolan’s hero is plot, actors rarely have anything to do in his film. The initial chemistry between Cooper and Murph was so beautiful but at the back of the mind we always knew that it’s going to end soon. It does happen like that and venture into space, not my territory. But that’s Nolan’s way of solving problem, not on earth but on space

What was to be understood was understood by me after that but most of them weren’t ready to let go of things they didn’t understand. I think audience would want to even know what the equation written in the secret NASA center. Exactly what Nolan wanted the audience reaction to be so that they’d view it again and again. It’s not an easy task to manipulate audience according to his desire but Nolan does that with Elan.

You understand or not you hit the person off the seat and clap hands during the docking scene. Logic? You don’t question that? Then you have Hans Zimmer and two storylines which even though doesn’t make sense like Inception still keeps you at the edge of the seat. One scene here, one scene there, docking, watch, grassland, 5D. Bring it on I say! You get everything you want.

If I had had a professor like Nolan I’d have fared better in Physics but sadly as a filmmaker he fails to inspire me like Tarkovsky or PTA does.


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